A time of change and challenge

We asked the Heads of Year to tell us what matters at each stage of Senior School life. Click below to see what they said.

"Year 7 is an important year group at Sidcot. It is the year of transfer from Junior to Senior school, and a time when many students join Sidcot from elsewhere."

"At this key time of transition we make sure that students feel that they can be themselves and develop their own characteristics. We ensure that they have good role models and feel safe on their journey to becoming more independent. We encourage a curious and adventurous attitude and nurture an environment where asking questions is welcomed. They are encouraged to learn about getting on with one another, to understand and accept diversity, and to enjoy growing and learning together."

"From the moment a child joins Year 7 they are involved in activities: House events, team building events, the Maths Challenge workshop, Quaker week activities, pool parties and barbecues, treasure hunts in the school grounds, music workshops, trips and charity appeals. Year 7 is definitely an exciting and busy time here at Sidcot."

"Year 7s is a great year for our students, a time when they develop and flourish, becoming more confident and considerate of others and learning to be comfortable with who they are.”

Donna Ralph
Head of Year 7

"These two years allow a period of consolidation following the settling in period of Year 7. It is a time for further development of students’ independent learning and one that allows exciting discovery and exploration to take place. There are many activity opportunities during the week and at weekends, and numerous trips out organised by the various subject departments."

"At the start of Year 8 students are placed into tutor groups. They will normally keep the same tutor through Years 8 and 9 allowing good, supportive relationships to develop. In our small and friendly environment, informal but with clear boundaries, we make sure that each individual can develop happily, safely and securely."

"There are two camping trips in Years 8 and 9 at Sidcot: at Cotswolds water park and, in the final week of Year 9, a surfing camp in North Devon. As well as being great fun and a chance to experience new activities, these trips develop important social and personal skills like team building, self esteem, decision making, problem solving, trust and independence."

Rosie Bellinger
Head of Year 8 & 9

"At Sidcot we try to ensure a smooth transition from Year 9 to Year 10.  Entering Key Stage 4 is an exciting time but it can be daunting for some. We make sure that students are supported by familiar teaching staff and given plenty of opportunity to talk through the GCSE process. We want our students to feel excited about starting their new studies."

"Whilst in the year group there is plenty to do working towards key examinations and adhering to deadlines, students also get involved with local charities. This gives them a sense of pride and achievement in helping others, and a focus outside their everyday studies. Outside speakers visit the school regularly: listening to a thought provoking talk on homeless, hearing the local police describe their Stand against Violence campaign, or raising money for Macmillan Cancer; these are all part of the average week."

"Many students are involved in the Duke of Edinburgh Award. This non competitive scheme plays a big part in training the students to think for themselves and develops confidence to tackle problems if and when they occur."

"With eight tutors and a Head of Year always around the place, students can feel happy and secure knowing that whenever they need support or just a friendly face they don't have to look very far."

Phil Lovett
Head of Year 10 & 11


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