Parental Engagement Evenings

December - Let’s Talk Homework and Study Skills

This talk includes basic tips and hints and the session also includes advice from the Maths, English and Business Studies departments, as well as from our Head of Sixth form.

There is also a StudyBuddy presentation and perhaps most compelling of all, the conversation around screen time / usage and the subsequent discussions with the students themselves, where some very open and honest answers we given by our amazing student ambassadors, Kerri Ankobia, Zack Nethercott-Slater and Oliver Painter. We will continue to upload useful links and resources to accompany the session, including an article sent to us by a parent who shared our concerns about screen time. We hope it will provide interesting reading and next term will be looking at ways we can work together to find effective ways to work with both the positive and negative aspects of how our children are using IT. 

September- Let’s Talk Teaching and Learning

We were extremely pleased to be joined by so many parents and as you’ll see, not only were we able to look more closely at the Learning Wheel and some of Sidcot’s specific learning aims, we were also able to engage in dialogues with parents around how these things are landing with you, as an essential part of the school learning community.

Thanks to all the parents who attended and gave their valuable feedback. We end every session hearing from you about what you feel works and what more you feel we could be doing to support you and your children.