One of the privileges of being a Sixth Former at Sidcot is being able to wear your own clothes rather than the school uniform. The below guides outline all the Sixth Form dress code information. If you have any queries, please email uniform@sidcot.org.uk

Sixth Form students will still need some items of sports uniform, this can be bought online or alternatively this can be purchased through Deane & Sons of Cheddar.

Deane & Sons
Bath Street
BS27 3AA

Telephone: 01934 742530

Email: info@deanesofcheddar.co.uk


Deane & Sons Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday
Open 9am - 5pm (closed between 1-2pm)


Open 9am - 4pm (closed between 1-2pm)

Please be aware during this pandemic these opening times could be subject to change at any time.