We have always prided ourselves on our range of extra-curricular activities, but there was a desire for all students to have access to the wealth of opportunities on offer. We feel it is important that we engage all students outside the classroom and that we offer excitement, diversity, challenge and rigour. We also wanted an offer that embraced the values of the school and enabled students to learn new skills within a safe and supportive framework.

This ‘Programme of Activities for Sidcot School’ is an innovative initiative that brings our key values to life with a specially designed programme of tailored activities that are embedded in the curriculum. In timetabled sessions, students take part in activities that focus on ideas around integrity, stewardship, self-reflection, adventure and community in a variety of contexts, both in and out of the School.  

  • Our Third Form students (Year 7) look at ‘integrity’ through activities that focus on team building, friendship, protective behaviours and aspirations. They spend a lot of time outside – creating, building, adapting and working together. We want to carefully manage the transition into ‘big school’ and get them to understand and live our values through play and exploration.
  • In the Lower Fourth (Year 8), students begin to understand more about ‘stewardship’ and caring for the environment. In accessing our 150 acre site, students will learn about flora and fauna, build bat and bird boxes, create willow sculptures and cultivate new knowledge in our school gardens and vegetable patches. Using our Yurt Village and ‘Forest Schools’ area, students will get back to nature and have the chance to be children – building dens and toasting marshmallows.
  • The Upper Fourth (Year 9) programme focuses on ‘self-reflection’ and will equip students with hard and soft skills. Our students learn how to sew a button on a shirt, iron a blouse, manage their money, cook simple meals and change the tyre on a bike. They will also finish the year being able to touch type and give basic first aid. In addition, they will focus on their own wellbeing, preparing them for the stresses and strains of the GCSE programme to come.
  • ‘Adventure’ is the key focus for the Lower Fifth (Year 10). Students will be enjoying the great outdoors, putting up tents, reading maps, orienteering and cooking in the open air. For those who are joining the Duke Of Edinburgh Award Scheme, all of this will be useful knowledge and experience ahead of their assessed expedition. Others will acquire vital life skills and the chance to try new pursuits like canoeing, caving and climbing.
  • Here at Sidcot we are great believers in the role we play in the wider ‘community’ and this will be the focus of activities for the Upper Fifth (Year 11). Our students visit elderly people, work in charity shops and participate in art and music projects outside school. We want our students to give something back and through primary school mentoring schemes and partnership work with Weston Hospice, we hope they will achieve this.