At Sidcot all students from Nursery until Year 11 wear uniform. There is a comprehensive clothing range available to ensure students can be comfortable and smart both inside and out of the classroom. 


Downloadable booklets have been produced to give parents, guardians and pupils all the information necessary about Sidcot’s regulations and uniform, dress code and possessions in school. If you have any queries, please email uniform@sidcot.org.uk

All Sidcot School uniform can be bought online. Alternatively, you can purchase all uniform through Deane & Sons of Cheddar.

Deane & Sons
Bath Street
BS27 3AA

Telephone: 01934 742530

Email: info@deanesofcheddar.co.uk


Deane & Sons Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday
Open 9am - 5pm (closed between 1-2pm)


Open 9am - 4pm (closed between 1-2pm)

Please be aware during this pandemic these opening times could be subject to change at any time.