Wildean Witty Epigrams

Wildean Witty Epigrams

Upper Fourth work inspired by The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde. 

The world is a sea of possibility; but some people cannot swim. (r.c)

Life is an exercise in disappointment (a.w)

The truth is simple; lying is a commitment. (MK)

I cannot wait for an impatient man. ( MK)

Politics is just a game, where the biggest imagination wins (r.l)

Following love like a dog will only give you a tale and whiskers (l.z)

Students are there to learn or to rudely interrupt (l.z)

The truth should be heralded above all; lest one does not agree with it. (J.P)

Time is relative; based on who you are talking to. (J.M)

The same sand that makes the stone smooth rubs your feet raw. (S.C)

Listen to hear the music, not to write the review.  (S.C)

I told you a million times to stop exaggerating. (H.P)

I like Children, but I could never eat a whole one. (H.P)

Real food lives and dies; processed food always lies. (H.F)

A kind heart goes a long way; a miserable heart disintegrates. (H.F)

How in a culture of such colour, can people be so black and white? (M.K)

Is Democracy just a Collective Dictatorship? (J.B)

Self-praise is no recommendation. (H.B)

Tasks are distractions from deep thought. (M.M)

Dance in the rain, sing along with the thunder; let the lightning be your spotlight. (V.M)

Thinking wise thoughts does better in the world than speaking stupid words. (A.C)

Often the one you’d take a bullet for is the one holding the gun. (A.C)

Everyone is born with imagination; the creative adult is just the child that survived. (A.C)

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