Upper Fourth Camp 2014 Upper Fourth Camp 2014 Upper Fourth Camp 2014

Our Year 8 students have returned from the Cotswold Water Park where they had an exciting and extremely active week at camp. They showed great enthusiasm and a willingness to try new things and to work together in whatever group they found themselves. A very good time was certainly had by all.

Activities included sailing, windsurfing, raft building, cycling, walking and high ropes and all provided challenge and fun.

Our days culminated in lakeside games, award ceremonies and marshmallows around the camp fire and, of course, early beds in order to be ready for the next busy day!

Here is what some of the students said about it:

“It was very exhilarating!”
“I enjoyed being by the lake.”
“I enjoyed camp – especially cycling and windsurfing, not forgetting I ate four meatball kebabs!”
“I learnt loads about water sports.”
“Memorable – filled with fun and laughter and some great activities.”
“The best experience ever.”
“It was the best camp I have ever been on.”
“I didn’t want to come back!”
“I wanted to stay more nights.”
And their favourite bits:
“Being busy all the time.”
“The Wally hat ceremony!”
“I loved gliding along the lake on my windsurfer.”
“When we all sat around the fire, toasting marshmallows.”
“Being with friends.”
“Being allowed to cook at the BBQ.”
“Sleeping in a tent!”
“High ropes and raft building.”
“The BBQ with the kebabs and chocolate bananas.”
“The rafts because we all worked together.”
“Cycling with the jumps and mud!”

And what they felt they learnt about themselves:

“I am braver than I thought.”
“I can do things that I thought I couldn’t.”
“I am not afraid of heights after all.”
“I can do the same things as tall people!”
“I am not very organised!”
“I can work well with people.”
“I should not cycle with my eyes closed!”
“I can climb very high.”
“I learnt that I could overcome my fears.”
“I like chocolate bananas!”

A super week indeed! I felt immensely proud of our students. It was a pleasure to spend the week out of school with them.

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