Third Form physicists explore space Third Form physicists explore space Third Form physicists explore space

Third Form physicists explore space

Before half term, the Third Form were studying the Physics topic 'Space' in their Science lessons. Pupils produced individual presentations on their chosen space-related theme. Zachary Stebbins, Mia Hann and Thomas Robbins came out on top with very impressive research and presentation skills.

Pupils then had the task of creating a model of the Solar System. The results were fantastic with some beautiful and inventive ideas, the most unique being 'the healthy planets' created using pieces of fruit and vegetables by Ana de la Torre and a construction using pebbles and seaweed on the beach, which was then photographed, by Lily Whyatt-Barker.

First prize went to Sara Peel, who created an amazing 3D poster with excellently painted polystyrene planets which were very well-annotated.

Second prize went to Oscar Biles who created a very professional looking piece, using a piece of skirting board as a mount, and third prize went to Weston Skeates, with beautifully painted planets suspended by invisible string hanging around the central sun. All pupils are to be commended on their excellent effort and time spent on their projects.

Anneka Reebye
Teacher of Science

Independent day and boarding school for boys and girls aged 3 - 18 in Somerset