Third Form Geography & Thank you Sarah! Third Form Geography & Thank you Sarah!

Third Form Geography & Thank You Sarah!

The Third Form Geographers have been conducting an on-site field study using our new fieldwork equipment. They were looking to see what effects the School building may have on the local climate of the school site. To do this, they conducted several measurements across two transects. They used anemometers, wind vanes, thermometers and humidity readers.

They shall use these results to draw out several line graphs and located proportional symbols. Finally, they will conclude their studies with a detailed analysis of their results.

This sort of mini project work will give the students valuable skills for their future IGCSE and A Level in Geography should they decide to choose the subject. Some of these skills are quite advanced, however the students are very keen to work on the more challenging aspects of the curriculum.

Finally, the department wishes to say thank you to Sarah Trolley who has been working with the Geography students during the Autumn Term on a voluntary basis. We wish her all the best in her future at Cambridge University where she will embark on her teacher training course.

Matthew Curtis-Dyke
Head of Geography Department

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