‘The World’s Gone French!’ – French play for Years 3 to 7

Sidcot students in years three to seven were able to enjoy a fantastic, engaging and hilarious performance by Onatti Productions Ltd, entitled The World’s Gone French! We were also joined by students from Weare, Burrington Combe and Lancaster House schools, who all had a great time too. The performance took place in Sidcot Meeting House.

The story centred around Nathan, who wakes up one day, thinking everything appears normal until his mother speaks to him – in French! Then his sister gives him her usual childish remarks in perfect French! And when he sees his Gran she too speaks to him in French! What’s going on? Is this a joke? If it is a joke it’s a pretty good one – his sister is only six years old and his mother has gone from practically no French to fluent over night!

Nathan can’t believe it – the world’s gone French! The plot of the play shows Nathan coming to terms with his crisis, with help from the audience and a magic jigsaw, purchased in a charity shop, of a map of the French-speaking world.

The students from all four schools impressed us with their French skills as they joined in and helped Nathan solve his dilemma.

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