The Foxtrot 2015 The Foxtrot 2015 The Foxtrot 2015 The Foxtrot 2015

The Foxtrot

Our experience of the Foxtrot – September 2015

"The Foxtrot was definitely a once in a lifetime experience, following George Fox’s footsteps, learning more about the 1652 radical Quakerism and getting an insight on what it was like to be and live the life of a Quaker back then."

"For me, my favorite part was how, despite not knowing one another very well, I made new friends (from other Quaker schools) that I hope to keep for life."

"It just made the whole journey so much more enjoyable, slowly getting to know one another through Meeting for Worships, inspirational speeches at the top of Firbank Fell where George Fox preached for three hours, and exhaustingly trekking up each hill to be rewarded with the most spectacular views of the countryside."

"I learnt so many different things about my new friends, their teachers and Quakers alike and I would definitely encourage anyone to go on this trip, whether they are a Quaker or not, or even whether they believe in God or not. This is because the Foxtrot is a chance to get away from the stress of school, a chance to just sit in silence and take a breather from the excitement of general life, a chance to just relax and be yourself."

Charlotte Pittaway (Upper Sixth)


"I've been drawn to the idea of Quakerism since I started studying in Sidcot two years ago, yet my only contact to it is the twenty minutes of silence on Wednesday morning and occasionally Sunday meetings. Therefore Foxtrot was such a great opportunity for me to learn more about Quakerism. Foxtrot has given me more than what I expected; we made friends with students' from other Friends' schools instantly and chatted non-stop on the minibus; the exchange of thoughts throughout the trip and the mutual peace we experienced in the silence of the meetings; the breath taking view we saw during the walk; the interesting stories we learned about the history of Quakers and what they have become. Last but not least: watching blood moon was an amazing way to end this weekend and I am so glad I went on this trip."

Charlotte Chan (Upper Sixth)

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