It’s always very heartening to hear when charity projects work. At the end of last Summer Term we collected hundreds of Science, Geography, Maths and EAL textbooks, books that were otherwise destined for the skip. Mrs House's daughter Bryony spent seven weeks in Malawi over the summer, teaching in schools and visiting orphanages. She identified schools which would benefit from the books. So, we packaged them up and sent them off to Malawi, on a wing and a prayer. Would they be stolen, lost, or get damaged along the way?

Imagine our delight to receive these wonderful letters of appreciation last week, proving that a) the books arrived and b) that some students in Africa would have better educational chances as a result. See the letter below from the Headmaster of Kabichi Community Day Secondary School.

The lovely pictures also show children from one of the orphanages receiving home-made ‘pillowcase’ dresses, all generated by generous people from the Sidcot community.

On the next shipment, Mrs House will be sending seven old microscopes.




Dear Madam House,


On behalf of all members of staff of Kabichi Community Day Secondary School and all members of Kabichi School Management Committee (SMC), and also Group Village Headman Bondo, and Village Headman Ngulndema, where Kabichi CDSS is located, I would like to profoundly thank you Madam House for donating assorted, and very important books to our school which will help our students in increasing their knowledge in Biology, Geography, English and Mathematics etc..

We have received all the books you sent in total and unutterable happiness through Mr Austin Changazi, the Outgrowers manager for the mighty Lujen Tea Estate Limited.

According to the Deputy Headteacher Kabichi CDSS Miss Miffer Nampinga, the donation of these precious books has been a powerful Christmas gift for all teachers and students of Kabichi CDSS and all people in villages around the school.

Myself as the Headteacher and all teachers and members of the school management committee who represent parents of all students wish you and all your friends a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year (2015).

You are just a wonderful lady, we have never been donated such books from overseas countries before. What you have done is very historic and this will never be forgotten here.

I am personally happy that you sent the good books to us through Austin Changazi. He is just very trustworthy and a man of high integrity and always a positive thinker.

As a school we extrapolate Christmas greeting to you and all your friends.

Yours in service
Harrison Palapandu (H/T)

Independent day and boarding school for boys and girls aged 3 - 18 in Somerset