Stonar School Inter Schools One Day Event Stonar School Inter Schools One Day Event Stonar School Inter Schools One Day Event Stonar School Inter Schools One Day Event

Stonar School Inter Schools One Day Event

Sidcot School had good representation at the Stonar One Day Event this year, held 24 and 25 September. Caomhie Collery (Lower Fifth) and Harper Seven, Neve Harvey (Upper Fourth) and Painted Scout, Sophie Lee (Third Form) and Billy, Elsa Cardale (Third Form) and Camerson and Henry Blair (Third Form) competed in the 70cm class 14 years and Lottie Gunter (Lower Fourth) and Just Rohan represented the School in the 90cm class.

A one day event consists of a dressage test, followed by a show jumping round (9 jumps) and then a cross country phase (18 jumps) with about 30-60 minutes between phases. The dressage test is the first to be completed and gives the rider their initial score, riders then take on the show jumping followed by cross country and can gain penalties for a refusal or a pole knock down, these penalties are added to the dressage score. The aim is to achieve as low a mark as possible, to add to the difficulty the cross country phase needs to be completed in an optimum time for some classes and a penalty is given for too fast/slow a time. 

The sunny weather was definitely on the side of the riders, but with a cooling breeze on the Saturday, the early morning dew drying out well by the time the first riders rode the dressage making the ground not too slippery.

It was a good day for all with the team in class 1 coming 4th out of 11 teams!

Amongst good competition from other schools, Caomhie achieved a 1st for her section with a fantastic dressage score of 23 (77%) and a double clear in show jumping and cross country. Well done Caomhie! The achievement was well deserved.

Special mention also to the other team members: Sophie Lee for achieving the highest dressage score of the 131 riders in all the 70cm classes of 20.0 (80%); Elsa Cardale for her wonderful clear show jumping round, we were all holding our breath over the last jump which was just superb! Neve Harvey for a very consistent dressage, SJ and XC rounds on her young pony who is only 6-years-old and Henry Blair who was the non-riding member of the team, due to his pony being a little poorly, walked the courses and supported the team.

The next day Lottie and Rohan travelled to Stonar to represent the school in the 90cm class, this was the first time the pair had competed at this height and the nerves were jangling just a little bit (and that was just Mum!). After a lovely dressage test which awarded them their best score to date Lottie and Rohan were in 2nd place. They proceeded to jump clear in the show jumping and rode a beautiful round cross country over a substantial course, but unfortunately picked up a couple of time faults and finished 7th.

This is a very well organised and well supported event by Stonar School and Sidcot is aiming to build on these achievements for future successes.

Julia Lee
Sidcot Parent

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