Sports Reports Week Ending Friday 7 October

Sports Reports Week Ending Friday 7 October


Weston & District Netball v Weston Gems, Wednesday 5 October: Sidcot 20 – 29 Gems

This was another evenly contested game which was played at high intensity, with both teams displaying good skill and speed on court. Despite being new to the league, Weston Gems showed little in the way of nerves and played with great authority throughout the match. Sidcot to their credit also matched them for speed, tenacity and ability, but Weston just showed greater consistency in their shooting and attacking play.

Consequently, Zoe Mercer and Vivian Chan had an extremely busy evening in defence, working hard to deny the sharp shooting of the Weston GA. Their vision and agility made it difficult for her to work the ball close to the post, but once she found her range, she rarely missed any shots on goal.

This could have been very demoralising for our girls, who at the other end of the court were sadly struggling with their own form. However, the shooting trio of Charlotte Dolman, Maddy Hann and Millie Ashdown preserved well and were eventually rewarded with better fluency themselves to restore the balance of the game.  

In the final quarter the Sidcot team had perhaps their best phase of the game, moving the ball at tremendous speed to maintain quality possession, especially from the centre court into the attacking third. Mati Grove and Fatou Tounkara were both very instrumental in this, linking well together and finding good space, despite the close attention and pressure being exerted by the Weston mid court players.

Although this was a game where the margin of defeat does not reflect the evenly balanced play, Sidcot now need to focus on eliminating unnecessary mistakes in their own game and work on improving their consistency, if they are to overturn such close encounters.                 

Player of the match: Sydney Drury

Sue Taylor
PE Faculty

U12 Netball v Priory School: Thursday 6 October: Sidcot 2 – 6 Priory

Sidcot selected a larger squad of girls to this fixture at Priory which enabled Claudia Jarman, Lilie Hudson and Ella Hurley-Hicks to experience their first taste of senior inter-school competition. All three girls acquitted themselves very well in the variety of positions asked of them and they contributed positively to the Sidcot performance.

Unusually, Sidcot were by far the taller team, but what Priory lacked in height they more than made up for in tenacity, speed and movement. However, Sidcot showed equal skill to move the ball down court, through safe hands and into the attacking circle, where Sophie Lee, Lilia Fairley and Claudia Jarman all worked hard to secure good position near to the post. 
Captain, Jess Brown, led by example showing real determination in the mid court to maintain possession, linking well with Evie Ward, Victoria Lawrence and Izzy Lee. 

This was another promising performance by the girls against some good opposition. 

Player of the match: Claudia Jarman

Sue Taylor
PE Faculty

U13 Netball v Priory, Thursday 6 October

A squad of girls travelled to Priory on Thursday evening determined to continue their successful run of play. Priory are traditionally tough opponents and the A team were no exception. The Sidcot girls were a little slow to react to the fast moving and physical play of the opposition. They struggled to get a good rhythm and found it quite difficult to use the space effectively as Priory marked tightly. The score was 5-0 to Priory.

The second game was against the B team, who were more of an even match for our girls. sidcot started strongly with a quick goal from Sofia. Their confidence grew as the mid court players of Molly, Mia and Ana passed quickly and accurately, while  the defence of Lily and Lottie made sure that Priory had few opportunities to score. Priory did fight back and drew level  before Sofia again scored to make the final score 3-2 to Sidcot.

The final game was against the A team again with one or two substitutions. The Sidcot girls were determined not to be dominated by their play and fought hard for possession and marked extremely tightly. Ruby held her own well against a much larger opponent upsetting their rhythm of shooting. The final score was 0-0
The girls showed great determination and resilience to achieve this final score  having suffered a substantial loss against these girls earlier in the evening.

Player of the match : Mia Hann

Mary Dowds
PE Faculty

U14 Netball v Priory School, Thursday 6 October: Sidcot 21 – 9 Priory

Sidcot’s late arrival (Banwell!) meant that the game was played in two halves, as opposed to quarters. The visiting team were quick off the mark with Freya King, Maisie Hann, Meg Vivian and Jasmine Bell dominating the mid court. Ella Kippax and Frankie were on top form with their shooting and Annabelle Wroath was especially strong in defence. 

At half time Sidcot were leading by thirteen goals to three, which forced Priory into some positional changes. Olivia Fortune, Maya Fairley and Verity Mann started the second half strongly and with both shooters finding the target every time, Sidcot won the second half eight goals to six. This was an excellent performance by Sidcot building on last week’s game, with fast passing and quick movement. 

Well done to all the girls for a most enjoyable and assured performance.    

Player of the match: Frankie Harrill

Nigel Taylor
PE Faculty

U15 Hockey v Priory School, Thursday 6 October: Sidcot 0 – 2 Priory

This was a tenacious and determined performance from this squad, against what are traditionally one of the strongest schools in our fixture cohort.

Sidcot played strongly with some good linking passing and applied pressure on the midfield. Priory responded, passing the ball with greater pace and attacking down the right hand side. Our defence remained robust and many attacks were justly thwarted. 

Sidcot regrouped well but struggled to break through the strong Priory defensive line. There was a tendency to make straight passes through the centre rather than use the flanks effectively. 

The game was very equally balanced with both teams having their share of attacks and goal scoring opportunities. Millie Ashdown, in the Sidcot goal, made some superb reaction saves and the defence generally marked well. All square at half time.

The second half began brightly. Sidcot were making better passes and linking more effectively between defence and attack.

The match remained very even with both teams making driving runs. Sidcot’s defence marked a little tighter and hassled Priory players and often gained possession of the ball. There were some good clearances and chances at goal. 

Priory took advantage and managed to score two goals, despite some stalwart defending.

The final score was 2-0 which didn’t, perhaps, quite reflect the true nature of the game.

A very good game, however, but allowing room for improvement!

Player of the match: Maddie Northcott

Rosie Bellinger
PE Faculty


Sidcot U13 Rugby v St Katherine's School, Wednesday 5 October: Sidcot 10 – 15 St Kath's

Sidcot took to the field against a very big St. Katherine's team on a beautiful evening; conditions perfect for rugby. Despite Sidcot playing the better rugby, St. Kath's opened the scoring with a brilliant individual try. Owen Wright equalised before half time to make honours even at the break. In a hugely physical second half, Sidcot took the lead through Marc Barrabes Zapata, only to let it slip in the last minute.

Player of the match: Marc Barrabes Zapata

Alex Smith
PE Faculty

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