Sports reports – week ending Friday 4 November

Sports reports – week ending Friday 4 November

National Qualification

Three Sidcot students who performed well in the local Biathlon qualifying competitions have qualified for the National Biathlon Championships in Solihill on 27 November. They are Sarah Carr and Freya King (Upper Fourth) and Lily Arnold (Lower Fourth). We wish them every success in their future competitions.

Mary Dowds
PE Faculty


Girls' fixtures

Weston & District Netball v Weston Trinity, Wednesday 2 November: Sidcot 16 – 43 Weston

Weston Trinity inflicted an overwhelming win over a rather ragged and tired looking Sidcot team, in what was their first game back after the half term break. Sidcot never really got going and found it difficult to find their rhythm, displaying little of the fluency and intensity which had proved so decisive in previous games. Their passing in all areas of the court lacked its usual pace and precision, giving away much valuable possession to their Weston opposition. This was quickly capitalised upon by some incredibly consistent shooting at the Weston attacking end of the court, which despite the close attention of Zoe Mercer and Vivian Chan, their efforts to stem the tide were often sadly in vain.

Unusually for Sidcot the mid court players and the attacking trio struggled for space under the pressure of some tight defending from the Weston team and although they worked hard to lose their opponents, they found it difficult to then link together effectively. Handling errors also cost Sidcot dear, but at least the girls showed good resilience to improve their consistency as the game progressed, especially under the posts, where shots eventually began to hit the target.

This game saw the welcome return of Jasmine Moroney to the squad after almost a year out through injury. Her presence in the mid court was immediately evident, as was the work rate of their captain Charlotte Dolman. Despite this disappointing result, with now two weeks away from competitive matches, the girls can resume training to work on their fitness, movement and timing, in readiness to face Yatton on Weds 23 November, where hopefully they can show a true return to form.

Player of the match: Vivian Chan

Sue Taylor
PE Faculty

U12 Netball v Backwell School: Thursday 3 November: Sidcot 1 – 8 Backwell

After a rather delayed start due to the late arrival of Backwell, the fixture had to be shortened to four, six minute quarters, to enable the game to be completed before the light failed. 
It was evident from the first whistle that Sidcot were up against some strong opposition, who moved the ball quickly and accurately to score two early goals in quick succession. 

Surprised by their intensity of play, Sidcot eventually began to compete more tenaciously for the ball and gradually enjoyed some good periods of possession. Vicktoria Lawrence, Sophie Lee and Issie Hoddell all linked well to move the ball through the court and with Lilia Fairley creating good space in the attacking circle, Sidcot provided themselves with increased opportunities to shoot, but were unfortunate not to find the net. 

Jess Brown used all her experience and strength to intercept any loose passes from the Backwell team and with the introduction of Athina Michael-Carpenter at GS, the Sidcot girls started to match Backwell in most areas. Although both teams showed good understanding of the game and played very enthusiastically, Backwell were just that little bit more competitive and were worthy winners on this occasion.

Player of the match: Lillie Hudson

Sue Taylor
PE Faculty

U14 Netball v Backwell School Thursday 3 November: Sidcot 8 – 16 Backwell

A large squad of players represented the school against Backwell on Thursday. This did mean that the players had to demonstrate great flexibility in terms of positions they played. It was quite difficult for any smooth rhythm of play to become established as the players kept moving each quarter. Play was a little inconsistent in that there were flashes of fast flowing netball but also times of inaccurate passing which meant they struggled to keep possession. When the ball reached the attacking circle Frankie and Ella were consistent in scoring goals, Maya and Olivia supported well when necessary. It was often the last pass in, which was rushed and unsuccessful. Maisy, Freya, Verity, Hannah and Annabel all showed dynamic play at times in the mid court area. Annabelle and Cressida worked hard in defence and were often successful even though they were unfamiliar with this role. At the end of the first quarter the scores were very even. Backwell then had a good run of play in the second quarter which gave them a solid lead. Sidcot kept the score on a more even level in the second half but could not claim back enough goals to worry Backwell too much.

Player of the Match: Annabelle Wroath

Mary Dowds
PE Faculty

U15 Girls Hockey v Backwell School, Thursday 3 November: Sidcot 0 – 2 Backwell

A short, yet energetically contested, game, played late into the darkness thanks to our super new facility.

The game swayed very much end to end with some good passing in difficult conditions, and some good movement off the ball.

Gracie Fletcher worked hard as sweeper and the midfield (Molly Carter, Yasmin Sluijmers and Indeigh Winterson ran diligently to support both attack and defence. Gretel Havercroft certainly made some driving run down the left that put the Backwell defence under pressure. Despite best efforts, a Sidcot goal was not forthcoming – Backwell proved the better finishers and put two against the backboards.

Nevertheless, a fine team performance.

Next game: Worle (A) Tuesday 8 November

Player of the match:     

Rosie Bellinger
PE Faculty

U16 Girls Hockey v Backwell School, Thursday 3 November: Sidcot 0 – 1 Backwell

The unexpectedly late arrival of our opposition sadly relegated this match to a short, fast and furious event!

Both teams played in determined fashion and possession was shared fairly equally and was also well matched in terms of attacking opportunities. ’Keepers on each side were called upon to make good saves.

Late in the game, Backwell slotted home and Sidcot, despite best efforts, were unable to draw level.

There are positives to take forward into the north Somerset Tournament next Thursday – to be held at Broadoak School.

Rosie Bellinger
PE Faculty

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