Sports Reports – Week Ending Friday 12th May

Sports Reports

Week Ending Friday 12th May

Girls' U12 Rounders v Hans Price Academy Tuesday 9th May: Sidcot 8½ – 8 HPA

This was a tightly fought affair that was really closely contested throughout. Sidcot won the toss and captain Issie Lee chose to field first.

Both teams began a little tentatively – HPA struggling to make good contact with bat and Sidcot being a little sloppy in field. HPA began to strike better and a ½ and then some whole rounders were scored. Sidcot upped their game and became sharper in the field, managing to stump out a couple of HPA batsmen. Hans Price finished their first innings with a very achievable score of 3 rounders.

Sidcot stepped up in determined fashion and almost immediately began to reply with both half and whole rounders. A number of chances were well taken – Ella Hicks-Hurley hit deep into field to score as did Sophie Lee. More followed and despite some good work in the field by HPA, the half point score was Sidcot 5½ – 3 HPA.

The second innings saw a vastly more positive start to batting from HPA and our girls were really under some pressure and needed to make some quick decisions in the outfield. Despite some deft fielding, HPA racked up a further 5 rounders – making the Sidcot second innings in bat somewhat challenging!

The girls batted with great spirit, really trying to take opportunities to score as they arose and showing increasing tactical awareness as the game progressed.

It took careful end of game count up as the scores were really close. Sidcot just came out on top, winning the game by the narrowest of margins.

Super enthusiasm, super spirit, super game.

Well done to all.

Player of the match: Elsa Cardale

Rosie Bellinger
PE Faculty

Girls’ U13 Rounders v Hans Price Academy, Tuesday 9 May: Sidcot 16 – 11½ HPA

Sidcot’s Lower Fourth team took to the field eager to build upon their first victory from last week.

Placing Hans Price into bat was designed to put pressure on the opposition, but in the early exchanges, loose fielding and poor decision-making gave Hans Price the upper hand. They were able to score freely seizing many half and full rounder opportunities from Sidcot’s inability to handle the ball effectively.

Sidcot eventually settled and began to throw the ball accurately and intelligently to restrict the Hans Price team to six and a half rounders off 27 balls. Hans Price initially also looked a little rusty in the field and with Sofia Parker-Mills and Mia Hann making good contact with the bat, Sidcot began to catch and overtake the Hans Price first innings total. Now looking much more assured the Sidcot girls continued to take control of the game, with consistent bowling off the hand of Lily Adam, great hands from Ana de la Torre at fourth post and efficient fielding from Lottie Gunter, Erin Crofts, Esmee Drury and Ruby Owen. 

Having overtaken the Hans Price final total of eleven and a half rounders, the Sidcot team relaxed and began to show their true ability using strong running between the posts to force errors in the Hans Price fielding. This was another good delayed performance from the girls and hopefully in their next game they can start a little stronger and maintain better consistency in their play.

Player of the match: Ana de la Torre

Sue Taylor
PE Faculty

Girls' U14 Rounders v Hans Price Academy, Tuesday 9th May: Sidcot 23½ – 11 HPA

On a glorious sunny afternoon the girls travelled to Weston to play Hans Price. They were keen and determined. They lost the toss so were put in to bat first. Freya set the scene by scoring a great rounder off the first ball. Then followed a lot of half rounders being scored at second base. Hans Price had not made the base a priority in their fielding so let Sidcot score some easy half rounders not under pressure. Other whole rounders in the innings were scored by Ruby, Maisy Jaz and Frankie. They finished on a comfortable score of 10½.

Hans Price were able to hit the ball well into areas where cover was not wholly represented and scored some good rounders. They also made a a few half rounders off balls they hadn't hit, because Sidcot misfielded at first base in their attempt to get the batter out. Hans Price finished on  a score of 5.

The second innings saw every batter score at least a half, with Frankie Ruby and Olivia scoring whole rounders. Hans Price had sharpened up their fielding so that it was more difficult to score whole rounders but Sidcot were still slowly increasing the score.

In Hans Price second innings Sidcot's fielding was tighter and Freya's fast bowling meant they often hit the ball behind as it was spinning. They managed to score 4 whole rounders and as many halves resulting in a score of 6.

Sidcot therefore won by 12½ rounders. Although it was a good score, the girls were very much aware of a few of the weaknesses exposed in their fielding, and are determined to practice and become sharper as a team.

Player of the match: Freya King.

Mary Dowds
PE Faculty

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