Sports Reports week ending 27 May

Sports Reports week ending 27 May

Girls' U14 Rounders v Shapwick School, Tuesday 24 May: Sidcot 16.5 – 11.5 Shapwick

Our girls approached the game full of enthusiasm and determination, and, having won the toss put Shapwick into bat first.

They made a cracking start in the field, getting the first two batters straight out – stumped and caught. Shapwick were immediately under pressure and further batters quickly found themselves out – dealt with by quick, sharp fielding. Super!

It was not long before Shapwick found themselves down to the last players and Sidcot worked hard to keep up the pressure. All out for 5.5.

Sidcot came in to bat with confidence. Hitting was consistent, although more power would have been beneficial and half-rounders were quickly accumulated. There was competitive running between posts and the team communicated well. By the end of the first batting stint Sidcot found themselves in the lead 9.5 rounders to 5.5.

The second innings saw a better performance from Shapwick – hitting was a little better and less batters found themselves out. Sidcot continued to stem the flow of rounders, however, and Shapwick ended with a total of 11.5 for Sidcot to chase.

This they did. There was some fine hitting, Lucy Chen really hit well into the first deep area and scored several rounders and a number of others added various half-rounders.

A super game, played in cheerful spirit, with some good skills on display.

Well done to all.

Player of the match: Lucy Chen

Rosie Bellinger
Head of PE Faculty

Girls' U12 Rounders v Hans Price Academy, Wednesday 25 May

Game 1: Sidcot 8 – 4 HPA
Game 2: 
Sidcot 12 – 3.5 HPA

Following on from their success at Broadoak last week – and from the disappointment of a cancelled Saturday fixture due to rain – the girls came out with confidence.

They had two games to play and both were handled adeptly.

In the first, the girls fielded to start, and immediately showed that they were sharp and alert. Molly Whitcombe, on second post, was quick and agile (with Erin Crofts backing up adroitly) and a number of players were stumped out at this point. Ana de la Torre on 4th also caught well to put batters under pressure – as did some good decision making from Sofia Parker-Mills, our backstop.

Sidcot came in to bat chasing a score of 4. It immediately looked very possible as Sofia and then Ana blasted the ball out into the deep field to score rounders. Further half-rounders were scored and good running resulted in yet further scores.

First game comfortably, but sportingly, won!

In the second game Sidcot batted first. There was further consistent hitting from a number of players and a significant number of full rounders were scored, along with many half-rounders. A formidable target of 12 was reached for the Hans Price girls to chase!

It was too many. More good fielding and quickness of hand resulted in a number of stumpings – Skye Brahms made considerable contribution here – and Hans Price were prevented from challenging the Sidcot score.

This was another pleasing team performance. Well done to all.

Player of the match: Sofia Parker-Mills

Rosie Bellinger
Head of PE Faculty

Girls' U13 Rounders v Hans Price Academy, Wednesday 25 May: Sidcot 9 – 13 HPA

The girls had yet another close and competitive game on Wednesday evening in quite chilly conditions in Weston. SIdcot loss the toss so had to bat first. Although most people connected with the ball, it did not travel far enough for them to be able to score from it. Hans Price had some excellent catchers near second post which deterred our girls from scoring at second and several were caught out. Olivia Fortune managed to hit a ball deep into the third area and score a rounder, then near the end Katie Price made a determined run when Hans Price fumbled the ball near third post.

Hans Price started their innings in great fashion with a massive hit which enabled them to score a rounder straight away. Fortunately Sidcot managed to field tight enough for the rest of the innings to only allow a few more half rounders to be scored. The score at half time was very close with Sidcot leading by a half rounder.

In the second innings sadly The Sidcot girls could not get many scores on the board. Hannah Fairley, Maisy Hann and Frankie Harrill all managed to get half rounders, but no one else could break through the solid quick fielding of the Hans Price girls.
Hans Price then set the scene by scoring several whole Rounders in the first few balls. Bella Jarman and Meg Vivian were kept very busy in 3rd deep area , while Katie Price was unlucky not to have a catch at fourth. The girls were passing the ball well they just could not collect it quickly enough to get it to Frankie at second to stop Hans Price scoring. 

A special mention must go to Ellie Mapleston and Neve Harvey who kindly helped the U12 team for an innings each, as they were a little short of players.

Player of the match: Frankie Harrill

Mary Dowds
PE Faculty

Girls’ U15 Rounders v Hans Price Academy, Wednesday 25 May: Sidcot 5 – 9.5 HPA 

After an improved performance in their last match, it was disappointing that Sidcot could not build on this and demonstrate a more competitive edge to their game. Put into bat, they struggled to make contact with the ball and even when they did, Hans Price reacted swiftly to keep the batsmen at first post, denying them any opportunity to score a half rounder.

At the change of innings Sidcot, without their regular bowler, had to call upon Immy Moroney to deputise, which she did with great accuracy and speed. This made it extremely difficult for the Hans Price batsmen to read the flight of the ball and consequently they also struggled to score freely.

At the half way stage the game was evenly balanced, but even though both teams showed more tenacity in their second innings, it was Hans Price who managed to forge ahead and clinch the game.

The Sidcot girls should feel a little disappointed with their overall performance, as this was a game they could have won.       

Player of the match: Robyn Stock

Sue Taylor
PE Faculty

Boys’ U15 Soft Ball v Shapwick School, Wednesday 25 May: Sidcot 17 – 11 Shapwick

The Lower Fifth boys welcomed a team from Shapwick School for the first Softball game of the season. Despite being somewhat rusty, Sidcot got off to a solid start scoring 4 runs in their first innings. In the field however Sidcot were quickly into their groove, with some impressive bowling from Oscar Browne ensuring Shapwick drew a blank.

Having got the momentum Sidcot showed no signs of letting keeping the pressure on Shapwick throughout. This pattern of play continued and with some big hitting from Adam Garner-Greene and outstanding work in the field from Tulsi Winterson and Mark Ding, Sidcot found themselves with a comfortable lead going into the final stages.

As the game entered its final innings Shapwick started to find their feet. Having now seemingly recovered from the initial shock experienced after Sidcot’s excellent start, Shapwick began to rack up the runs. Sidcot weren’t about to let things slip though. With the ever busy Luke Garner-Greene calling the shots as captain, Sidcot got the last few outs required to ensure a comfortable win was achieved.

Congratulations to all those involved on what was an outstanding first Softball game of the season.

Player of the match: Oscar Browne

Rob Moore
PE Faculty

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