Sports Reports Week Ending 13 May Sports Reports Week Ending 13 May Sports Reports Week Ending 13 May

Sports Reports Week Ending 13 May

Biathlon Training

Our first session of training (laser pistol) took place this week in the sports hall. It was great fun and students quickly familiarised themselves with the pistols. Under the expert eye of GB coach Phillip Hobbs, good progress was made by all. There will follow a further two sessions of laser pistol, followed by three fencing sessions. The students will then compete in the Schools Summer Games at Bath University on 6 July. All very exciting!

Rosie Bellinger
PE Faculty

Girls' U12 Rounders v Churchill School, Wednesday 11 May: Sidcot 19 – Churchill 13 ½

In what proved to be a much delayed first game of the season (weather has precluded 2 previous fixtures), our girls came out full of enthusiasm and determination.

The toss was won and Sidcot moved into fielding position. Almost immediately Sofia Parker- Mills demonstrated that she was on good form, throwing the ball confidently to 2nd post from her position of backstop and preventing some possible ½ scoring from the Churchill girls. Churchill did have some good hitters, however, and a combination of hesitant fielding and competitive running allowed a number of rounders to be scored – 7 ½ in fact by the end of Churchill’s batting stint.

Sidcot followed in and were able to quickly score a couple of rounders – but there followed some hesitation and somewhat rash decision making that saw several Sidcot players ‘stumped’ out at 2nd post for no score. Some good hitting fortunately followed and further scores were made by the few batters left in.

Score at the end of the first innings: Sidcot 8 – 7 ½ Churchill. All very close!

Sidcot were a little sharper in field in the second innings, good catches were taken by Lottie Gunter and Ana de la Torre, and despite some good hitting from Churchill, the score was kept to 6 rounders – so 13 ½ in total to beat!

Sidcot came back in to bat and, for sure, there was much improved decision making and some great running between posts following some super hitting.  Both ½’s and full rounders were forthcoming and the score began to notch up impressively – despite Churchill’s good fielding efforts.

The final score reflected the considerable improvement that the girls made in the second innings and this was a well- deserved victory.

Well done to all.

Player of the match: Ana de la Torre

Rosie Bellinger
PE Faculty

Girls' U13 Rounders v Churchill, Wednesday 11 May: Sidcot 10 ½ – 16 Churchill

Although the weather was not favourable for the rounders fixtures on Wednesday the fixtures were still able to proceed with the matches being moved to the astro at Churchill.

Sidcot won the toss so chose to field first. Freya as usual controlled the game well as bowler and made few mistakes. Churchill were not hitting the ball too hard but they often scored opportunist rounders when Sidcot  just made one of two mistakes in decision making. Neve had a fantastic catch on first base along with Freya and Jasmine which helped to reduce the opposition’s chances to score. When Sidcot batted they tried hard to score as often as possible but were thwarted by Chuchill’s sharp fielding. It was encouraging to see the batters experiment with placing the ball and on several occasions this was successful. The half time score was 9 ½ to 5 ½.

The second innings saw the Sidcot team consolidate their fielding so that fewer errors happened and the scoring was kept relatively low. Second base was firmly held by Meghan making sure few half rounders were scored. Maisy was accurate with her throwing from backstop so that Churchill did not attempt to run to second base in fear of being out. Ellie and Ciara were occasionally having to field from the first deep area when Churchill tried to use different areas of the pitch. They scored 6.5 so Sidcot knew they had a score of 11 to chase. The girls showed great determination and were risking running to gain the extra half rounder where possible. Jasmine hit a fabulous ball to 3rd deep area , which allowed her a fairly easy rounder. Olivia and Maisy tried hitting back handed to out manoeuvre the opposition. Sadly even with this effort the girls could not quite catch the total.
Player of the match: Jasmine Bell

Mary Dowds
PE Faculty

Girls’ U15 Rounders v Churchill School, Wednesday 11 May: Sicdot 7 – 15 Churchill

This may have been their first game of the season, but the Year 10 girls played some good quality rounders to give local opposition Churchill, a competitive and enjoyable fixture. Putting them into bat, Sidcot initially found the bounce from the astro turf difficult to judge and this gifted Churchill many half rounders in their first innings. After a few positional changes and an increase in focus, Sidcot began to field far more sharply, restricting Churchill’s opportunities to score freely.

Chasing just six rounders should have been an easy task for Sidcot, but some sublime fielding between Churchill’s deep fielders and second post, halted many of the Sidcot batters at first post, despite some good hitting out beyond second and third post.  

The second innings was very much a repeat of the first with Churchill taking advantage of some slack fielding and poor ball handling skills from the home team. However, it was a spontaneous catch from Immy Moroney which brought the game to life and resulted in a definite improvement in Sidcot’s alertness out in the field. 

Now playing with far greater confidence, Sidcot started to hit the ball far and wide and enjoyed scoring several rounders off the bat of Millie Ashdown and Sofia Peon. However, they were never able catch the Churchill final score of fifteen rounders, but this was a steady start to their fixtures.    

Player of the match: Millie Ashdown

Sue Taylor
PE Faculty

Notice: North Somerset Athletic Championships at Backwell School

These championships, originally organised for Tuesday 10 May, have been rescheduled to Wednesday 18 May due to the inclement weather this week.

Rosie Bellinger
Physical Education Faculty

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