Sports Reports W/E Friday 29 April

British Modern Triathlon Championship

On Sunday April 24th Amber Spillane and Sarah Carr travelled to Solihull to compete in the British Modern Triathlon Championships - a demanding combination of swimming, running and shooting. The girls didn’t know how they’d fare as they’ve only been shooting for a few months, but both performed well in the first event, a 100m freestyle swim – with Amber swimming especially strongly.
In a Modern Triathlon, the running and shooting are performed as a combined event. This began with a handicapped start, calculated on the basis of swimming results. Competitors ran a total distance of 1600m, interspersed by shooting 2 sets of 5 laser targets. Only after having hit 5 targets, or after a time of 50 seconds, could the competitors leave the firing point to perform the next running leg of 800m. Pretty nerve-wracking for both competitors and spectators!
Although their lack of experience did slow them down in the shooting, Sarah and Amber ran extremely well – both of them sprinting hard to chase down and overtake other competitors on the final straight.
Amber finished in 12th position and Sarah in 13th – a great start in their first national triathlon event. Well done, girls.

Mary Dowds  
Physical Education Faculty

Rugby Success

As may be recalled, Oscar Browne was selected for the U15 squad for Bristol RFU back in January, 

Since then he has played several games - and has captained the side on two occasions. This in its self is highly creditable as over 600 boys competed for a place on the team.

This coming Saturday he has further been selected to represent Bristol RFU at Harrow school in a nationwide competition and he has also been selected (of only 6 boys in the county) to attend an elite training camp  - this represents the best U15's in the country!!  

We are very proud of his achievements thus far and wish him every success in these coming events.

Rosie Bellinger
Physical Education Faculty

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