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Sports Report Summer 2016

The summer term has been an unusual one – a very long first half but with limited fixture options as all our local competitors were enjoying different holidays and then a race to fit lots in while all were in session! We do appear to have managed to cram in a reasonably impressive amount – especially taking into account that the weather has contrived to make things as difficult as possible on occasion.


Our athletic competitions have been very limited this term – both of the North Somerset Championships (Junior & Senior) were first postponed and then cancelled due to the weather and selection for representing District relied on the sending in to the organisers the times and distances for our best athletes. Our own Sports Day also fell to the weather. The one event which did beat the weather was the English Schools Track and Field Cup which was early in the term, prior to the more inclement weather that followed – and here there was a feast of good performances achieved on top notch facilities.

Much good work has gone on in lessons, however, and, as is customary there are numerous certificates, bronze, silver and gold to hand out to students who have been committed and determined in lessons and at practice.

Colours are awarded off the back of District selections and beyond – and also to students who have shown endeavour and commitment in lessons or at training.


Third Form

  • Lottie Gunter
  • Lilian Arnold
  • Erin Crofts
  • Oscar Byles

Lower Fourth

  • Freya King            
  • Sarah Carr
  • Ciara Henneke
  • Jasmine Bell
  • Bella Jarman
  • Amber Spillane
  • Toby Pratt
  • Miles Kilpatrick
  • Jim Mitchell

Upper Fourth

  • Indeigh Winterson
  • Valentina Tsaroullas
  • Gracie Fletcher
  • Alba Lopez-Nicolas
  • Charlie Derham
  • Matthew Fisher

Lower Fifth

  • Elizabeth Dolley
  • Ellie Aizlewood
  • Imogen Moroney
  • Adam Garner-Green
  • Thomas Duvall
  • Oscar Browne
  • Ben Mitchell
  • Tulsi Winterson  


We have been remarkably pleased at the high level of enthusiasm and commitment to practise and improve from the girls across the age range.

The girls produced some good performances across the board within a fairly enormous number of fixtures that fitted into the limited time available. Matches were competitively contested and there was some fabulous skill and sportsmanship on display. The quality of batting has certainly improved throughout the season and fielding has become more alert with improved decision making.  Third Form and Lower Fourth in particular showed an incredible dedication to practice. A large proportion of girls have represented the school which is super. There is certainly some talent in our lower years of Senior School which bodes well for the future.

Two of the respective year group tournaments were set at times when we were unable to compete, a great shame as our teams all had the capacity to do well. During matches all the teams performed well. Rounders is certainly a game enjoyed by all.


Third Form – U12

The Third Form have had a super season and have been entirely committed and enthusiastic. Skills have developed really well, as has tactical awareness and, perhaps most importantly, the ability to work with each other and produce good team work and communication.

They have had some fabulous results against strong opposition and this is testament to their competitive and adventurous spirit and their desire to perform well. In bat they have demonstrated that they can strike consistently and run determindley between posts – often picking up crucial ½ rounders that then win them games. When fielding they show that they have ‘safe hands’ communicate and ‘back each other up’ competently and fill fielding gaps.


  • Ana De La Torre
  • Sofia Parker-Mills
  • Erin Crofts
  • Lottie Gunter

Lower Fourth – U13

There have been a large squad of girls who have regularly attended practice and have been extremely keen to represent the school which has been super. The size of the squad has meant that there have been a variety of team members playing each week. They have all worked together well in each of the teams that have played. They have supported each other well both physically when fielding and verbally when batting. Although the results have not always been in their favour they have been very competitive showing great resilience in their play when they have often been trying to catch their opponent’s totals. The batting has become stronger as the term has progressed with more whole rounders being scored. Their fielding has become sharper with fewer errors and there have certainly been less chances for the opposition to score whole rounders.

It has been a pleasure to umpire this team as they have been committed and keen and have supported each other very well while playing.


  • Frankie Harrill
  • Jasmine Bell
  • Maisy Hann
  • Olivia Fortune

Upper Fourth – U14

The girls in this squad have been plentiful – and have certainly been committed to competing on weekly basis. Skills have improved throughout the season and it has been really pleasing to see some of our more briefly visiting students fully embrace a new game and be so keen to quickly learn the rules, tactics and etiquette required.

They have had some extremely close results and have strived right to final ball to try to make them go in our favour. Always a delight to umpire and coach.


  • Gracie Fletcher
  • Alba Lopez-Nicolas
  • Ellie Cooke
  • Indeigh Winterson

Lower Fifth – U15

Traditionally a summer sport, the U15 girls looked forward to their Rounders season being bathed in glorious sunshine, but as unpredictable as the British weather can be, many of their fixtures were played with hoodies on and the inevitable cold hands. However this did little to damper their enthusiasm and every game was played in good spirit and with a full complement of players.

Although their results often did not go in their favour they showed good contact with the bat, but better placement, strength and confidence would have enabled them to score more freely. After a rather tentative few games in the field, the girls started to improve in their sharpness and accuracy, managing to not only take some great catches out deep, but also to stump out ambitious runners at second and fourth post.

All the girls who participated did so with great commitment and were a real pleasure to accompany at their fixtures. Well done.      


  • Millie Ashdown
  • Robyn Stock
  • Imogen Moroney
  • Hema Shah

Rounders House Matches

House matches were, as expected, contested fiercely and were very close in result.

The Rounders Cup

There were several possible contenders for the Rounders Cup, and the decision was difficult. It came down to four possible players – from three different year groups.

The winner this year was Alba Lopez-Nicolas

Boys Cricket Results

Under 12/13s

It is fair to say that the season did not get off to the best of starts with a heavy defeat against an outstanding QEH side.  Since that match however the squad has pulled together and made huge strides, and have now developed into a very competitive team who are extremely difficult to beat.

Although the team has been unlucky not to register a victory yet this season the progress the boys have made has been superb and due in part to many outstanding performances; Captain Jacob Perry has led the side admirably and is never lacking for something to say given the huge catalogue of cricket one-liners he possesses.  Henry Hawkins has demonstrated his quality with both bat and ball and along with fellow opener Henry Binks, has given the team the platform upon which several impressive batting displays have been built.  Rufus Long has made a huge impact since coming into the side and is now one of the first names on the team sheet.  A special mention to Beau Noya and Jamie and Owen Wright whose commitment to the side has been faultless.

Whilst the results do not reflect what a fantastic season the team has had, the boys should be extremely proud of what they have achieved.  Individual’s skills have improved hugely and, even more importantly, a strong team spirit has developed which has put the boys in a strong position for next year.

Under 14s

Captained by Tom Hawkins the Under 14’s were competitive in all their matches with the highlight being a splendid win over Shapwick in a game played in the most lovely spirit.  The under 14’s were lucky enough to have the Winscombe professional come and coach them in their lessons and all the pupils benefited hugely from this.  All the players made excellent progress but the following boys Billy Lindsay, Jamie Miles, Tom Hawkins and William Ford made telling contributions with both the bat and the ball.

Under 15s

The cricket mad under 15’s have been a pleasure to be involved with this term - a couple of the players have gone on to play club cricket at Winscombe.  The majority of the squad attended training run by the Winscombe professional and the progress they made was outstanding.  This was highlighted in the return leg to QEH when after suffering a heavy defeat six weeks earlier, they returned to even the score, with Oscar Browne and Adam and Luke Garner Greene dismantling the QEH bowling attack.  Captain Frank Morris was the well-deserved cricketer of the year and proved to be a very talented all-rounder.  Adam Garner-Greene, Luke Garner-Greene and Joe Jonas also proved to be excellent with both bad and ball.  Also a special mention for Oscar Browne who looking fantastic with the bat, was also very reliable behind the stumps and went on to represent the Winscombe senior side.

The Cricket Cup

This year the cup goes to Frank Morris


This year it was pleasing to be able to run some tennis fixtures against Clifton College.  Clifton visited Sidcot early in May and managed to win all four matches with Jamie Miles and William Ford coming the closest to taking a point.  Sidcot managed to turn the tide on the return fixture in June taking the match 3-1.  All the boys showed some natural flair for the game and hugely enjoyed competing.  Captain Laurence Badman demonstrated a powerful serve and some lovely ground strokes.  Also Ignacio De La Torre stood out with his heavy top spin forehand and powerful double handed backhand.   

The Berg Trophy

The Berg Trophy is traditionally awarded to a student who competes at high level, a top performer in their chosen sport. This year there are a number of students who deserve an honourable mention. Our previously named athletes who have represented North Somerset this summer – Freya King, Sarah Carr, Imogen Moroney, Adam Garner-Green, Charlie Derham and Thomas Duvall. Also those who were selected for District Cross-Country – Clara Mann, Indeigh Winterson, Amber Spillane, Matthew Fisher and Imogen Moroney (who also went on to represent Avon). Our Lower Fourth indoor athletes who represented district back in January. Matthew Fisher who has recently competed for Avon in the South West Pentathlon Championships and is ranked now 7th in the South West (and is Avon Pentathlon champion).

Other notable mentions

Our North Somerset Academy footballer, Alex Crofts.

Sarah Carr and Amber Spillane are in the Youth Squad and will compete in Portugal in July in a Triathle.

Alessandra D’Capitano De Arzago – who qualified to compete in the British Fencing Championships in Sheffield in May.

Miriam Peel who competes in BMX in both National and International competitions.

Oscar Browne has represented Bristol RFC at Harrow school in a national competition and he was also selected (of only 6 boys in the county) to attend an elite training camp - this represents the best U15s in the country.

Matt Fisher is the Avon Pentathlon Champion and part of a team which finished 3rd in the South West championships. He also represented Avon at the South West Indoor Athletics Championships earlier in the year.

This year, however, it has been decided to award the cup jointly to Imogen Moroney and James King. Both have achieved qualifying times for the British Nationals (swimming) in a variety of events (both are therefore ranked in the top 25 in Britain). James King is also swimming in the British U16 age group and competes against swimmers who are a year older than himself. Imogen also qualifies for the Open Water British Nationals.

The Faculty would like to give thanks to all students who have competed so enthusiastically on behalf of the school this term and all academic staff who continue to support our programme by allowing our students to leave lessons early. Also grounds staff for keeping our fields in such good shape despite the weather. All those parents who come and support in rain and shine are also always greatly appreciated.

Rosie Bellinger
Head of Physical Education Faculty

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