Specialised Cells Specialised Cells Specialised Cells Specialised Cells

Specialised Cells

Over the last week, Third Form have been making models of specialised cells for their Science homework. The models were hugely impressive with a great deal of time and effort put in by all pupils. There was a great variety of cells: red blood cells, root hair cells, sperm cells, nerve cells and fat cells to name a few, with all sorts of crazy materials, including parts of Halloween costumes, pieces of wood and some were even edible! Each pupil told the class how they created their cell and a bit about their chosen cell including its function and special features. There could only be one winner! First prize went to William Munro-March. His working model of a nerve cell was unbelievably impressive, and Will demonstrated to the class using a fully functional circuit and flashing lights how an impulse travels to the brain. Second prize went to Pieter Van Roy who very cleverly made a root hair cell which opened up to show the features inside and who was also very knowledgeable about the cell he had made. A huge well done to the winners and to all Third Form students, and a thank you to Mr Darvill for taking some great photos.

Anneka Reebye
Teacher of Science

Independent day and boarding school for boys and girls aged 3 - 18 in Somerset