Sidcot Day of Languages 2014 Sidcot Day of Languages 2014 Sidcot Day of Languages 2014 Sidcot Day of Languages 2014 Sidcot Day of Languages 2014 Sidcot Day of Languages 2014

Year 7 breakfast

As part of the Sidcot Day of Languages, which runs in conjunction to the European Day of Languages every year, we were delighted to entertain Year 7 pupils to a continental breakfast during tutor time. Despite the fact that they have only been taking their new languages for a period of less than four weeks, pupils coped admirably with the task of selecting and asking for breakfast items in either French, German or Spanish. We were very impressed with their pronunciation and their willingness to have a go. Their efforts were rewarded with a range of tasty treats.

Senior School students teach Key Stage 1

As part of the Day of Languages celebrations, about 20 senior school students, who have a native language other than English, came over to teach students in J1 and J2 classes at the Junior School. The Junior School pupils participated with energy and great enthusiasm in the wonderful activities which had been dreamt up by their ‘teachers’. These included songs, games, dances and many other innovative means of language learning. Senior School pupils were most impressive in their ability to relate to their pupils and to keep them engaged throughout. I think that they, on their part, learnt a lot about teaching and about just how much energy one needs to keep up with the 4 - 6 year old age group. There was some very obvious teaching talent among our group! Everyone involved had a great time and we hope to repeat the activity at some point for KS2.

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