Senior Team Maths Challenge

Senior Team Maths Challenge

On Thursday last week, 4 enthusiastic mathematicians set off for Burnham on Sea for a regional heat of the Senior Team Maths Challenge. At stake – a place in the national final for the winning team. There are three rounds in the qualifying heat and when the scores were announced at the end of each round, Sidcot were always in the top 5. After the second round it was very clear, that there were 2 very strong teams, and despite a strong effort in the final round, Sidcot were unable to catch them, finishing a very impressive 3rd out of 18 teams.

The team was: Zac Brannan, Helen Qiao, Emily Mabbett and Will Lewin. The team worked very effectively together and had trained hard for the event, so well done to all of them.

Here is a festive question from the warm up round before the competition:

A Christmas cake is in the shape of a cuboid. The cake is iced and the icing is exactly 1cm thick all around the cake. (The base is not iced). Given that the size of the cake is now 20cm wide by 20 cm long by 10cm high, what is the volume of icing which has been applied?

Answer below.

Graham Hartley
Maths Department

Cake + icing = 20x20x10 = 4000 cm cubed
Cake = 18x18x9 = 2916 cm cubed
Icing = 4000 - 2916 = 1084 cm cubed 

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