River Holford Field Trip River Holford Field Trip River Holford Field Trip

River Holford Field Trip

In the week after the Easter break, the Lower Fifth Geographers embarked on a field trip to study the changing characteristics of the River Holford. The first afternoon was spent devising hypotheses under the instruction of the specialist field work tutors at the field studies centre in Nettlecombe Court. The students already understood the theory behind the changing characteristics but it was their job to work out how to test it. After an evening meal and another classroom session constructing their methods, the students went to bed fully prepared for the data collection.

With the source in the Quantock Hills and the river valley dropping into Kilve at the mouth, the students were treated to a day in the glorious countryside. Clad in a colourful display of wellington boots, the Lower Fifth did a brilliant job at measuring the different sites of the river. They were taught a wide variety of techniques whilst Mr Curtis-Dyke and Mr Davies made mini films of each one so the students could remind themselves when they returned to the classroom.

The final morning was spent collating the data and starting the data presentation, ready for it all to be analysed on their return back to Sidcot. The students now have a final week to complete their coursework and if they are in any doubt, we have plenty of support for them on the Geography Firefly Page. Thank you Lower Fifth for a very successful and productive field trip.

Clair Curtis-Dyke
Teacher of Geography

Independent day and boarding school for boys and girls aged 3 - 18 in Somerset