Quakers and Business trip to London

Quakers and Business trip to London

Last week we took a trip to London to Friends House for the annual Quakers and Business conference titled 'What is the Purpose of Business?'. It was a great opportunity for some of our Business Studies students to integrate with business professionals and understand ways businesses are trying to incorporate social responsibility into their commercial world. It highlighted the battle to change some corporation’s perspective on success. The workshop sessions allowed our students to hear points of view from a range of stakeholders as well as allowing them to express their own thoughts. It also connected our students to the wider Quaker community.

Two of the Sixth Form Business Studies students Jess Lewis and Scott Havercroft said: “We were spoken to by five lecturers, including an Oxford Business lecturer. After each talk we gathered into discussion groups with various business people to exchange views on the subject matters. All of the talks were focused on how companies can become successful by taking care of their employees, thinking clearly about their purpose, having mindfulness in the work place and building businesses based on joy."

It was thoroughly interesting to hear the views of business people on the world of business as they have had years of knowledge in their industry. Having said that, they were also fascinated to hear our opinions on the topics, being the younger generation. Since returning from the trip we have discussed and analysed the business strategies in class and suggested how we could use them in our essays.”

From the Department of Business plus Centre for Peace and Global Studies

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