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Quaker Week 2015: From the Food Technology Department

Quaker Week 2015: From the Food Technology Department

As part of Quaker Week fundraising activities, Year 7 students baked, iced and sold Quaker cakes to raise funds for the Hope School in Sierra Leone.

The cakes were originally baked by Quaker baker Henry Chalkley, in the 1880s/90s in Tottenham, north London. They are also known as Tottenham Cakes.

It has a simply scone like base covered with distinctive pink icing. Originally the icing was coloured by the Mulberries picked from Tottenham Friends Burial Ground. The cake was baked in trays and sold for 1 old penny with the smaller irregular pieces sold for half penny.

To keep with the simplistic tradition the Year 7 sold their cake for 20p and 10p which was greeted with enthusiasm by many of the students. Unfortunately there are no mulberries around the Sidcot Meeting House so the icing were coloured with local raspberry syrup instead. Students who were particularly supportive and gave up their breaks to help with the sale were Isabelle Fawcett, Lily Barker-Whyatt, Matthias Benischke, Owen Wright, Thomas Ashworth and Freya Anais-Davies.

Donna Cox
Teacher of Food Technology

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