Poetry Workshops With Tara Arkle Poetry Workshops With Tara Arkle

Poetry Workshops With Tara Arkle

This term, many classes, including Third Form, have really enjoyed working with Tara Arkle, our school resident poet. She has worked with our class teachers increasing our knowledge generally in English, and specifically in poetry. She has inspired us especially introducing us to slam poems and black out poetry. We have all enjoyed performing .She pushed us to our best ability and a big THANK YOU from all the Third Form. We will keep this knowledge throughout our time at Sidcot and beyond. 

I’m good enough.
I’m good enough, 
I say to my reflection in the mirror,
As if to make my flaw filled face clearer,
Three words one lie I remind myself, 
So I turn to the make-up claiming my shelf,
I mask my hideous face from ear to ear,
I slap on mascara damning a tsunami of tears,
When I am done and I face back the mirror I see,
A still foul face but on a girl that’s not me,
The guts that it takes me to walk into school,
All to be lampooned and made a fool,
My emotions shrouded with a forced, fake grin,
They made me believe I was the one who committed the sin,
This hissing of whispers that I know are rumours, 
Corroded what’s left of me over and over,
I hear the wicked words they say to me,
These predators torment before they kill their prey, 
“She looks like a Barbie doll.”
“She will be prettier if she banged her face against a wall,”
“What a slut.”
They cackle, head held high as they strut,
“Make up addict.”
“She’s even uglier with makeup, so thick.”
All these vicious words sarcastically caressing my soul,
Fractures of my personality fall deep in an infinite hole,
Pain contagiously spreading from head to toe,
But after all, no one can see me shattering under my mask of make-up at all,
Why do they have to splinter me when I finally feel joy?
Their pettiness feeds at my life
Stop treating me like a toy.
It’s just because your heart is ice cold,
I’m not yours to control,
To have a decent time I shouldn’t need your permission,
You’re not my parent:
It’s not your position,
I am strong,
I am tough,
I am good enough.

Lana Rowntree
Third Form Student

Independent day and boarding school for boys and girls aged 3 - 18 in Somerset