Parental Engagement Programme: Let’s Talk… 2018/19 Parental Engagement Programme: Let’s Talk… 2018/19 Parental Engagement Programme: Let’s Talk… 2018/19 Parental Engagement Programme: Let’s Talk… 2018/19

Parental Engagement Programme: Let’s Talk… 2018/19

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Let’s Talk: About Behaviour
3 October 6.30pm Drama Classroom

Come and join us for the first of our parental engagement evenings as part of Sidcot’s “Let’s Talk…” programme. We are kicking things off with a look at Positive Behaviour Management – we’ll share Sidcot’s holistic vision that links academic rigour with the need to consider our children’s well-being and look at how parents can play a part. As always, there will be plenty of opportunity to discuss the topics covered with the staff and other parents. The evening starts at 6.30pm until 8.00pm, following the Darwen Lecture and the gap year Fair in the Arts Foyer. 

Let’s Talk: About Sex
14 November 6.30pm Drama Classroom

We are inviting Amy Forbes-Robertson from ithappens.education to come and speak to our students in the day about applying Relationship and Sex Education in real life and making good choices. Topics such as Self Esteem & the media, Sexting & sharing, Consent, LGBT, Positive Relationships & Love and Partying and Festivals will be presented to our students throughout the day. In the evening, we invite parents to come and join us for a talk and discussion on current trends in behaviours, as well as revisit the content delivered to students in the day. Up to date information on Relationship and Sex Education topics as well as useful tips for discussing sensitive issues will be provided.

Let’s Talk: About Study Skills
14 January 6.30pm Drama Classroom

Building on the session we ran last year, we remind ourselves what good study skills look like and how school and home can work together to develop resilience and students’ study habits.

Useful to support all year groups but particularly the upper fifth and beyond; this will be of interest to those who joined us last year as well as those new to the parental engagement programme.

Let’s Talk: About Careers
6 March 6.30pm Drama Classroom

An update on the careers provision at Sidcot. Share the latest research, developments and gain an insight into the employability agenda and the Gatsby benchmarking process. An invaluable talk that will help you to work with your children, whatever their age, to consider their career path, option choices and the many support mechanisms, including psychometric testing and Morrisby profiling, that are all part of the Careers offer at Sidcot.

Let’s Talk: About Homework
25 April 6.30pm Drama Classroom

A look into the research and developments around homework. Join, “The Great Homework Debate” and help us forge the way forward with this somewhat sticky subject! Expect lively debate and contributions from staff, students and parents.

Let’s Talk: About Making the Right Choices
22 May 6.30pm

We have invited John Hoskison to Sidcot, who will talk to students and parents about Making the Right Choices, touching on his own life story of a enjoying a successful profession in golf to ending up in prison – all because of having made one wrong choice. For the last fifteen years, John has tried to make up for what happened. He has spoken at over 200 schools, to over 80,000 children, about the dangers of taking unnecessary risks. He has also attended many conferences about how to improve prison and has spoken to many of the top judges in the country, regularly attending the Judicial Studies Board Seminars. More information about John.

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