Parental Engagement Evening – Homework and Study Skills – Giving a Helping Hand!

Parental Engagement Evening – Homework and Study Skills – Giving a Helping Hand!

On Monday evening, 5th February, we held another of our parental engagement evenings, this time focusing on homework and study skills. We had a great turnout, in a packed room, with lots of lively debate and discussion. We examined good techniques and support mechanisms for promoting learning at home, as well as allowing plenty of time for parents to discuss with us and each other, some of the challenges you are facing.

Parents were asked to consider their ‘learner’, who might fall into the categories of those who need a bit of extra help to focus or knuckle-down and conversely, those who can become over anxious about the quality or quantity of what they produce, sometimes spending far too long or agonising over what they have produced. For many it was a good opportunity to realise that we are all facing the same sorts of challenges, including when to study, where, and what to do about the use of electronic devices.

With some discussion based around Sidcot’s Learning Wheel and the main theory and practise that informs our Teaching and Learning strategy, it was fantastic for us to get such a wide range of useful and informative feedback. We heard about some of the challenges you are having and will be able to reflect ourselves on how we can continue to strengthen both the links between parents and the school as well as continuing to forge forwards with our teaching and learning provision. The resources provided on the evening can be found on Firefly in the parent section under teaching and learning.

Our next ‘Let’s Talk’ evening is on 21 February at 6.30pm in the Arts Centre, focusing on mental health and there will be a repeat of the ‘introduction to Teaching and Learning at Sidcot’ on 5th March in the Drama classroom. Please let reception know if you would like to attend either of these events, or indeed the other sessions that we are running throughout the school year. Details of all can be found in the Parental engagement evening link in the Newsletter. We look forward to seeing you there!

Charlotte Resuggan
 Assistant Head (Teaching and Learning)

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