Junior School Newsletters

‘Macbeth’ ‘Macbeth’ ‘Macbeth’ ‘Macbeth’ ‘Macbeth’ ‘Macbeth’ ‘Macbeth’ ‘Macbeth’ ‘Macbeth’ ‘Macbeth’

Over 80 students acted, built set, decorated the Meeting House, ran the sound, operated the lighting or fronted House for Sidcot’s Christmas performance of Macbeth. Students of many nationalities participated, many of whom spoke the Shakespearian language beautifully considering it wasn’t their mother tongue. Over the four nights we saw scenes of extreme witchery as our large coven of witches performed many famous lines, for example: “Double, double toil and trouble” and “When shall we three meet again?”

Billy Mullin performed the leading role of Macbeth with aplomb, particularly considering this was his second lead role this term, and that he also had huge amount of lines to learn. Gaby House was a chilling Lady Macbeth, and Kenrick Yuan and Lex Westcott were fantastic as Banquo and Macduff, respectively. The cast were energetic and focussed throughout and were a joy to work with, once again proving what talented and committed students we have at Sidcot.

A huge congratulations to all who took part and a big thank you from the Drama department for all your hard work this term, not just in Macbeth but across the performances we have staged this term.


Photograph: Andy Darvill

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