Macbeth Macbeth Macbeth Macbeth


Year 7 joined Years 5 and 6 in the Junior School to enjoy an exciting and interactive performance of Macbeth by the Young Shakespeare Company on Tuesday 1 November. Here are some of their responses:

Malcom’s Coronation speech

Dear great citizens

I am giving you this speech today concerning the death of my late father and my coronation. My father was not only a great leader, but also a great teacher. He has made me the man I am today.

I have made some new laws that will now be enforced. From now on there will be a treaty over my whole kingdom, war will only be forced against people attempting to over throw our kingdom. There will be one great army instead of many small ones. We shall expand and train more troops, every citizen will have an established home. Every Castle shall have at least three furnaces to craft tools and weapons. Every Farm will be provided with at least  twenty acres of farmland.

Thank you

By Will Stansford & Theo Parker-Mills

Tuesday 2 October 1057

I have had my most interesting day of travelling since I left England on my way to Scotland. I was only a couple of days away from my destination when I saw what seemed to be a forest separating and then moving. It moved all the way up dunsinane hill and then 3 men and an army emerged from the trees, there was also another man standing, waiting it seemed, with another army on the hill. One of the 3 men stepped forward as did the man who had been waiting on the hill). One of them (I am not sure which) shouted something and then the army’s started to fight while the 2 men had a 1-1 combat. Neither side appeared to be winning. Suddenly both the army’s started supporting the men from the trees. Finally the man who had started on the hill was killed

Wednesday 3 October 1057

Shocking news! It turned out that the battle I had witnessed was between Macbeth king of Scotland and a nearby Thane Macduff. Apparently it will soon be known as one of the greatest battles in Scottish history and there are no known witnesses apart from the soldiers themselves. I am going to keep quiet though and not tell people I had actually been there as an onlooker as I am afraid I might say the wrong thing and get into trouble.

By Evie Ward

A Letter to King Macbeth

King Macbeth
Macbeth's Castle

My dearest

I hate to say this but I cannot go on feeling like this with all the guilt and sometimes I can feel sticky blood on my hands. I have had so many nightmares about it, and all I see is those daggers and Duncan dead. All I hear is Duncan banging on the gate. All I smell is his blood and his sweat. I know I do not deserve you. I do not want to be Queen any more. I feel that I am carrying the best King ever. I feel that bad things will get worse. You know, you cannot do this alone.

I will never see you again I will jump of a cliff with our wedding photo.


Elizabeth Macbeth

By Elsa Cardale

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