Lower Fifth PSHE project: life in a warzone

Lower Fifth PSHE project: life in a warzone

Lower Fifth students have been studying the reasons behind the large numbers of people fleeing Syria and other war-torn countries. They watched a video of a boy in Aleppo, Syria, that had been traumatised by the bombing of his home city. To help with his trauma, he has been recreating the city out of cardboard in his father's workshop. This re-building of Aleppo has given him hope.

Our students also built their own Utopian version of a city out of cardboard. A lot of love and creativity went into the building of the city which included a hospital, cinema prison and mosque. During the last PSHE session the tutors took the students up to the firepit at the Combe and burnt the city whilst reading out extracts from victims of the fighting. This burning represented the damage to the cities from fighting and bombing. The students were shocked by this and it drew a lot of responses from nervous laughter to tears. Afterwards, the students reactions showed a sensitivity and thoughtfulness about the subject which has helped develop their understanding of life in a war zone.

Matt Jarman
Lower Fifth Tutor


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