Love and Profit

Love and Profit

The Business Department were delighted to receive guest speaker David Papa on Thursday 4 February. Some of the students had already experienced David's thoughts on business at the Quakers and Business conference in November.

He provided a 90-minute workshop on Love and Profit. He was challenging the Sixth Form students to think about their motives and ambitions in life. The students found the discussions very thought provoking and entertaining. The upper sixth Business students then invited David to join them for lunch where they were able to further develop their discussions.

I am confident that we will be inviting David Papa back for future workshops with our Sixth Form students. Please feel free to peruse his website. It provides a refreshing slant on how to achieve success.

Here are the thoughts from Nikita Sergeev, Head International student:

“David Papa is a great man and he is one of those people that made their life’s goal to help other people understand who they actually are and how to achieve peace inside themselves. David Papa consults different business on how to treat their employees as assets rather than resources, so they can be developed and improved. He strongly believes that if business embraces its workers by, for example, making them the main stakeholders then, in the long run, the business will benefit and succeed earning higher profits than before like Joy Inc. does. This gently links to the theory that David teaches based on 'Love and Profit'.

"However, at Sidcot he talked more about philosophical issues such as the definition of success which he says is personal to every one of us. Money is not a true sign of success. We liked it a lot as he truly engaged with the audience.  Moreover he made his talk interactive, so that everyone could participate in it. To sum up, his talk made everyone think and try to understand what we shall do in the future and what our real goals are.”

Amanda Brown
Teacher of Business Studies


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