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Let Your Life Speak

Our first let Your Life Speak of the year was a great success; we were joined by Payman Jaberi where he addressed the title ‘Exercising my Purpose’.

Payman enthralled his audience with his story of how he grew up in revolution and the Iran-Iraq war, and his experience and witness of political oppression for many years. 

Eventually due to the severe pressure and imminent danger of being arrested – most probably for the last time – he fled his country in 1997. After numerous encounters throughout his journey with human traffickers in the Middle East, Far East and Africa over the course of a year, he found himself in the UK in 1998 as a political refugee. He has been living in exile for 19 years. His story is one that we hear often in the news today and one we often feel distanced from. Payman brought the refugee crisis, immigration and asylum to the forefront of our minds and challenged us to address our own sense of purpose, eloquently expressing that anything is possible.

Join us for our next evening seminar on 5 October, 4pm in the Meeting House to hear Angela Findlay – Art behind bars: The role of the arts in the cycle of crime, prison and re-offending.

Miriam Gosling
Director, Centre for Peace and Global Studies

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