Language and cultural enrichment a real success!

On Friday 7 February a group of Sixth Formers went on a linguistic/cultural/art trip to Vienna, the capital of Austria. It was a huge success and students got the chance to learn about the rich history of Vienna in a time travel museum (with 4D effects!), visit famous art galleries and see original paintings from Klimt to Dürer. Students were also invited to visit the Parliament in Vienna and learn about the Austrian political system, that allows young people to vote from the age of 16 and help shape the politics of the country. Another highlight was visiting the University in Vienna, which impressed students for its architecture and gave us an impression about what student life would look like in an European city. Of course the Spanish horse riding school could not be missed and a tour of the world famous stables and riding arena was very interesting. We also had a wonderful time relaxing for a moment or two in a typical Viennese Café (Café Central), where Freud used to come and enjoy a bit of peace and quiet. Experiencing the Kaffeehauskultur in Vienna was really amazing and students tried out a variety of different cakes and coffees. On the last day we went on the Riesenrad – Vienna’s original ferris wheel, first built in 1897 – and we were able to say good-bye to this beautiful city from up high.

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