IB Information Evening

IB Information Evening, 7 June

Tuesday this week saw the second annual IB Information Evening. We were delighted to welcome this year Professor A.C, Grayling as our keynote speaker. 

Professor Grayling is a well-known philosopher, who is Master of the New College of the Humanities, London, which he founded in 2011. He has written and edited more than thirty books on philosophy and other subjects and is a frequent contributor to the Guardian, Times, Observer and Independent newspapers. He gave a fascinating talk, entitled 'The Importance of the Humanities', in which he made a strong case for the role of the study of literature, poetry, philosophy and the other humanities subjects being vital to our existence as a society and to the education of our young people for the world of tomorrow.

Using examples from Pride and Prejudice, among other works, he gave an accessible, entertaining but nonetheless thought-provoking account of how impoverished our lives would be in the absence of the humanities and how the study of them enriches all thinkers, whether they specialise in the arts or in the STEM subjects, in a necessary and fundamental way. He endorsed the IB programme for its core components and style of teaching, which oblige students to engage in deep reflection and philosophy and to be interpreters of knowledge rather than mere recipients of it. An exciting project for this autumn is that IB students will have the opportunity to attend a TOK day at the New College of the Humanities and to work further with Professor Grayling and his colleagues. 

Alison Bell
Director of IB and Academic Enrichment

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