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Sidcot Equestrian Centre have joined forces with Garrett Saddlers in Draycott in an effort to help Rangers in Africa protect the wild animals on the plains from poachers. We have donated four of our unwanted neoprene saddles, this means the horses that the Rangers use will no longer have to wear unfitted heavy and broken saddles for the long periods of time that they patrol the plains. The welfare of these horses is paramount, without these horses the Rangers efforts to control the slaughter of Elephants, Rhinos and big cats to mention a few, would certainly be made more difficult. The saddles are being shipped this week.

Julia from Garretts is a traditional bench saddler and will be travelling to Africa in June to correctly fit the saddles to make sure the horses are as comfortable as possible. Julia will be back in time for the Peace Festival on 19 June, when we hope to have photographs of our saddles being put to good use and more information about the Rangers' work. Any contributions toward the shipping of these saddles would be very much appreciated, please contact Jane at the Equestrian Centre to find out how to donate.

Easter Holidays 2016

Stable Mornings every day – Monday to Friday

Monday 28 March  – Closed Bank Holiday

Tuesday 29 March
Stable Morning 09.30 – 12.30            £25
Easter Egg Hunt  13.00 – 16.00           £30    

Wednesday 30 March    
Stable Morning 09.30 – 12.30            £25

Thursday 31 March     
Stable Morning 09.30 – 12.30           £25
Pony Club Badge Rally 13:00 – 16:00 £15            

For more information or to book Call 07540 726205 or email: stables@sidcot.org.uk
Lessons and hacks may also be booked.

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