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From the Art Department

Over the past four weeks I have been involved in the delivery of an online teacher teaching course, based around the use of mobile technology (smart phones, tablets, and web browsers) to tell stories. And my Third Form and Lower Fourth Digital Art students have been helping me out!

The course has been sponsored by the creative software giant Adobe, and is based around their mobile suite of apps - Voice, Slate, Fix, Mix, Post, Sketch, Lightroom, Creative Cloud - and more.

The course is based around another bit of clever Adobe software called Connect, which is like Skype on steroids. On screen there are various ‘pods’ such as little video images of the presenters, a place where everyone can type, a place where the presenters can type to each other privately, and then the possibility of putting particular pods live, such as screen sharing, opinion polls, drawing tools… We have been running three weekly live classes, two in the Pacific time zone, Two for East Coast and one Greenwich meantime. I have been one of the two presenters on the latter class. Those watching the class live can hear us and see us, but can only type questions and observations. I have been responsible for demonstrating the software, which is where my students have come in – acting as guinea pigs. I attach some of the Third Form work from this week, where students were exploring Adobe Fix and Mix.

We have had over 2500 teachers signed up to the course globally, which is very exciting, and, although there are far less actually able to take the class live, these sessions are brilliant, and we record them, so that they can be viewed online as ‘catchup’. Each week we have also had an invited guest, an expert in their field, who has given a talk and fielded questions, and we have set tasks for our ‘student’ teachers.

Adobe are running a number of these training courses, which are named Adobe Generation - look them up online!

As this course has been on storytelling, I have been getting my Lower Forth class to create an updated fairy tale using Adobe Voice and Slate, which are beautiful and simple story telling apps. One group had the idea of the Three pigs – only the pigs are being evicted from their homes because they have defaulted on their mortgages, and the corporate land owner wins… Another group is retelling Rapunzel, although Rapunzel is a short haired feminist, and the prince is a girlfriend - woman power!

The other photographs here are my steam punk, gothic, grungy interpretation of Little Red Riding Hood in New York, created for a demonstration of Adobe Mix using photos that I took when we visited New York.

Ross Wallis
Head of Creative Arts

Independent day and boarding school for boys and girls aged 3 - 18 in Somerset