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On Friday January 22 the Art department took all the Lower Fifth Art students to two galleries in Bath. Firstly the Victoria Gallery in the centre of Bath that currently has a major work by the artist Grayson Perry. This is a series of very large woven tapestries, based partly on Hogarth’s ‘Rakes Progress and partly on an eclectic mix of imagery from historical paintings, telling a fictional tale of a rags to riches to downfall story. Perry is fascinated by class, and our perception of our places in the class system, and this work is partly an illustration of this fascination.

The Victoria gallery, while small, also has an interesting standing collection of works, mostly given or loaned by residents of Bath, encompassing a wide swathe of Art history.

The second venue was the Holburne Museum, which, along with it’s standing exhibition, currently has a small exhibition totally dedicated to the subject of Gold, with an real mix of items on display.

The lower fifth students were fantastically well behaved, a pleasure to be with, and produced lots of good work during the visit. We have asked them to continue to work on this, so as to create at least two pages, and preferably four, about this museum visit, as part of the portfolio that they will hand in for their course work in a year’s time.

Ross Wallis
Head of Creative Art

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