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From the Art Department

Christmas approaches… not that it is necessary for me to share this as it can hardly be missed. It seems to start the moment the guy has turned to ash. Not that we burn guys these days, instead we tie them to lampposts and judge them on artistic grounds. And so it will be with Christmas also, with Sidcot Art Department’s long established annual ‘Paint a Reindeer’ competition. Last year’s winner, Molly Pittaway, went on to repeat her design on a Gromit, at the behest of an IT company, a Gromit that then starred on their stand at the British Educational Technology Trade show. So who knows what might happen this year!

As well as reindeer, this year we have introduced a new branch of the Christmas competition in the form of ‘Paint a Snow Dome Scene’ competition (see photo above). We have also added some parameters to the competition. In order to enter the competition, the deer must be painted in the style of a famous artist or artistic genre, and the snow dome theme is ‘Landscape’.

The blank domes and deer pictured above will be sold to students who wish to enter the competition, as they will then be free to give them as presents – parental presents sorted!

The competition will be judged in the last week of term, and the end of term is also the deadline for all Upper Fifth coursework. We shall set each of our Upper Fifth an individual task to complete over the Christmas holiday, so they must not think that they have the holiday in which to complete their portfolio – the Christmas task will be in addition to this. We shall be keeping the art department open every lunchtime for GCSE catch up sessions between now and the end of term, and we are also open if Fifth Form students want to work after school.

We are also looking forward to receiving drafts of A Level investigations and IB comparative studies, so that we can advise students how best to work on these over the holiday. The final deadline for all IB and A Level work is the February half term.

Ross Wallis
Head of Creative Art

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