From the Art Department

Lots to report on from the Art Department. Over the past three weeks, since the start of the term, we have had an exhibition in the Arts Centre by the Bristol based artist Katy Bauer, which focuses on political and social activists. This work is in the form of large montaged posters, which were originally created for an exhibition on bill boards in Bristol - you may well have seen them when passing by the Bear Pit in Stokes Croft. Katy has been working with our Upper Fourth artists over the past three weeks, getting them to produce their own posters, using cuttings and lettering from newspapers. They have produced some really interesting work, the best of which is now exhibited alongside Katy’s exhibition in the Arts Centre, along with work by last year’s Upper Fourth.

On Monday 28 September we took all our Third Form artists on a trip to the wonderful Arnos Vale cemetery in Bristol. This was originally a highly landscaped Victorian garden cemetery, covering over 40 acres of hillside near Temple Meads. In the mid 20th century, despite cremations on an almost industrial scale, it ran into business problems, and the brambles, holly, ivy and ash began to take over. Now it is just such a beautiful place, with the victorian monuments all tumbled down, plants and trees growing up through, a balance of restoration and sympathetic management. After a guided tour of the cemetery, looking at all the symbolism of the carvings and forms of the monuments, students did some drawing in sketchbooks and on iPads, before spending the afternoon in the Bristol Museum. The one pictured above is by Mia Hann (Third Form).

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