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From the Art Department

Week ending Friday 30 September

Last Thursday the Art Department took the new Third Form to the wonderful Nature in Art museum, which is housed in a beautiful manor house in the village of Twigwell, just north of Gloucester.

As well as looking around the museum, students did their own drawings and paintings, some of which are reproduced here, and also had a chance to talk to the current artist in residence.

Here is what some of the students wrote about the trip:

"My favourite part of the museum, was the Wildlife photography because it was very picturesque. We saw an artist in his studio doing his wooden sculpture of a leaf. After that, we sketched mini beasts and painted them in watercolour."

“It was really interesting! We saw a wood carver at work and he told us all about how he does it and how long it takes. His latest designs were AMAZING!!! Anyway, we visit inside the museum and sketched some beautiful paintings and drawings. We had a really good time and we had loads of fun! I hope we go back soon…”

“It was great, we got given a school sketch book and went inside the gallery. First I went upstairs; there was a looped video of wildlife. I saw a nice picture so I drew it in less detail first so I could come back later and draw it in more detail. We then all had to go outside to talk about what we had seen. When we went back inside I started sketching the painting.”

Ross Wallis
Head of Creative Art

Independent day and boarding school for boys and girls aged 3 - 18 in Somerset