From the Art Department From the Art Department

From the Art Department

Week ending 27 May 2016

It is always good to hear from old scholars, particularly so for us to hear from those who have been really keen on Art while studying here, and gone on to study and practise Art on leaving. 

In these days of social media we often get to hear through Facebook postings, which is how we learned this week of the achievements of Chloe Monks (below) who has received an award for “Integration of Theory and Practice” from CSAD (Cardiff), while completing a degree in Ceramics. She receives her result on Friday of this week, and we look forward to hearing how she does.

Similarly through Facebook, I hear regularly from another of our Sidcot Ceramicists, Adam Buick, who left many many years ago. He has since built up a business in Wales as a studio potter, creating beautiful ceramic ware (see some of his work pictured above). Adam has an open studio and kiln opening this coming Saturday, 28 May, at his studio in St David’s, Wales. Have a look at his website www.adambuick.com 

We would love to hear from any other Arty old scholars, to find out where you are and what you have been doing.

Ross Wallis
Head of Creative Art

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