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From the Art Department

Week ending Friday 24 June 

Last week’s Lower Sixth Art trip to the new Tate Modern was exciting and very memorable. The new wing is vast, more than doubling the exhibition space of the Tate Modern, and offering a considerably enhanced visitor experience. Part of this is the addition of amenities such as a new café and a third entrance, but more than this,  the new wing has transformed the feel of the building as a whole, opening it up, bringing in light, fluidity, and extraordinary geometry. 

I have not been a great fan of the Tate Modern from the point of view of the building itself, which to my mind has always been a compromise, built as it is into an old power station, but I was very impressed with the new wing, which has managed  to transform the experience of the original spaces as well as creating huge new spaces.

The art is still as challenging as ever – it is Modern Art… 

On arrival we were treated to a 10-minute performance piece from the 70s. A number of our party were asked to stand in a line, and a clock was handed to the first person, who had to say the time, hold onto the timepiece for a minute, and then pass it on to the next in line – to repeat the pattern until the end of the line was reached…

As this was a special students day, a day before the official opening of the gallery to the public, there was lots on offer, from artists and staff helping students think about the work on display to little treats like badges, art activities and pencils, and a free packed lunch!

It was a long day, with an early start and a late finish, but much enjoyed and much appreciated. We trust that our Lower Sixth students will make the most of the experience by documenting the day for their Art portfolios.

And more to come in the new term – we have already booked a visit to Hauser and Wirth, to an exhibition of Louise Bourgeois.

Ross Wallis
Head of Art

Independent day and boarding school for boys and girls aged 3 - 18 in Somerset