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From the Art Department

Week ending Friday 7 October

The Art Department at Sidcot offer a range of out of school activities for students, with the senior life drawing on Tuesday evenings, darkroom photography on Tuesday after school, printmaking and 3D activities after school on Thursdays, and drop in art sessions on Wednesday and Thursday lunchtimes.

The images above were taken in the darkroom activity using a pin hole camera, and by putting photographic paper into old box cameras. We have also been experimenting with cyanotype, and waiting liquid photographic emulsion onto interesting materials such as slate and hand made paper.

If you have any old camera or photographic kit hanging around gathering dust, we would be very pleased to put it to use!

We are particularly keen on collecting more tripods, but would not say no to anything camera and dark room related. At the car boot sale last weekend I found these two Yeshiva TLR cameras, you can see from the photo that they are an almost identical copy of the classic Rolleiflex, but somewhat cheaper to acquire. Sadly one of them has a sticky shutter – if any parent or student would like a challenge, there is a ‘how to’ on the internet!

Ross Wallis
Head of Creative Arts

Independent day and boarding school for boys and girls aged 3 - 18 in Somerset