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From the Art Department

The opening of the student Art and Design Technology exhibition was fabulous, with many thanks going to many people, I hesitate to name names, as I am bound to forget someone vital – but all the students that contributed of course, and who have worked so hard in both the Arts and the Technology faculties, and to the teachers who have supported and encouraged them. All who helped with the fantabulous fashion show, the models, and those responsible for makeup, some of whom were visiting us from Weston College, music, lights, presentation etc., including the adorable little ones from the junior school. Also the wondrous refreshments… already beginning to sound like an Oscar speech here… All in all it was a great event, a great atmosphere, and the work on display is as eclectic as ever. This is often commented on, the very wide diversity of the pieces on show – that fact that we don’t seem to have a "house style". I feel that this is very much a strength, in that it is fully an aim of our teaching to put the students' own creativity at the centre of the process, and to work with them to explore their own path, realise their own potential, and find their own individual creative expression.

As per usual, we shall photograph the work on display, and put this up in a gallery on the Art Department website www.artatsidcot.org 

With just over a week to go before the holiday, we are already thinking ahead to the new year, and putting plans in place; trips and visits, schemes of learning, exhibitions, workshops etc.. We already have a date to visit the Louise Bourgeois exhibition at Hauser and Wirth on Thursday October 13 (U6) – but looking much further ahead, we are starting planning for another trip to New York in the following October half term – so for our incoming Lower Sixth students, maybe you can start thinking about this as a possibility for the autumn of 2017.

In the meantime there is plenty to be getting on with. We have set holiday work to all our Upper Fourth who are planning to start a GCSE in Art or Digital media next term, and given them a sketchbook to fill over the Summer holiday. The topics that we have set for this work are on Firefly: http://intranet.sidcot.org.uk/creative-arts/art-department/holiday-work-summer-2016 

There are also topics for our incoming Sixth Formers, and we trust that our new Upper Sixth will be working on their essays over the summer holiday, as well as creating work for their portfolios – particularly important for the photographers to take lots and lots of photographs over the summer holiday that they can work with in the Autumn Term.

Have a great summer everyone – and a productive and creative one!

Ross Wallis
Head of Creative Art


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