Fireworks Poems by Year 7

A selection of lovely seasonal Fireworks poems from the Third Form...

Blazing Night

By Hal Farnie

For weeks the patient paper pots have been frozen in boxes.

Soon they will gush forth with memorable magical moment.

As they are laid out in the blackness:

The brilliant blazing bonfire illuminates the exited faces of impatient kids.

We know we are part of the magic.

Slowly we trickle into life like a monster stirring from slumber.

Then we blast off, shot into the sky by the jets that power and light us.

As they fill the sky with lights, hope and sparks,

 We hear the ‘oohhs’ and ‘ahhhhas’ of the crowed,

 As we shower them with beauty.

Fizzing Fireworks

Elodie Potts 

Fzzzz…The start of a small firework,
I watch it waiting for the explosion of a million colours.
The lights blind me with oranges and blues,
Slowly it dies away.
The contrast of colours fizzing on the big, black, blanket of a sky.

Fzzzz…The smell of a smoky bonfire, prickling my nose,
I block it trying to push the smell away.
Watery, smelling droplets are starting to fall.
Pure dampness starting to drop from the sky.

Fzzzz… The sound of a sparkler next to me, making me flinch.
My earmuffs are quickly popped onto my head.
The loud clear noise rattles my eardrums.
The crying of babies, as it is too loud for them.

Fzzzz…I clutch my coat tighter as the noises get louder,
I look around to see the crowd they are starting to depart,
The mud sticks to my boots as I sludge back home.


November’s Light


Everything is dark.
Then BANG!
A firework in the night like a silent ninja,
until it meets its target.
Throwing stars of colours so bright
they could blind you.

Smoke so thick
it could be a duvet
drifting down on to everyone,
clogging their throats and noses.
You can smell the fireworks,
the hotdog stand and the bonfire
for miles

Smothered in ketchup and mustard
the divine taste of hotdog wrapped up in a small napkin.
So many trays and trays
of chocolate and toffee apples everywhere.
They all disappear in 5 minutes.

[Image result for firewrks] Purple, Green, Multi-coloured.
Every colour known to girl is
in the sky
and my eyes.
Banging and exploding as they hit the barrier
between the earth and the universe.
As loud as THUNDER,
Someone high up is laughing at us.


Bonfire night


Bright sparklers glitter

like magical wands,

gently crackle to children’s delight.

They joyfully write their names in the deep blue sky.

A colourful battlefield

fighting against the deep indigo sky.

Lights flash and pistols fire.

The sky is coated in thick silver smoke.

A golden firework the colour of a crown

shoots into the air.

Then disappears with a loud crackle.

The audience cheer and clap.

Rockets burst into the air,

letting out sharp piercing whistles.

Suddenly the fireworks stop.

The bonfire is lit. Sparks float into the air.

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