Extended Project Qualification News!

Extended Project Qualification News!

Oliver Maxwell talks about his project to design a model of the D-Day landings.

"My artefact is a 1/72 scale diorama representing the D-Day landings in Normandy on 6th June 1944, where I showed how allied victory was assured and included alternate history parts to show how it could have failed. I made and painted the vehicles in accurate camouflage schemes that I had found while doing extensive research beforehand. The terrain using mostly DIY materials, such as sand, wood and toilet paper, making the project take about six months of work with between 4-12 hours work per week."

"Throughout making the artefact I have had to use and learn many new skills. Analysis is a key one for picking out data and facts that influenced my design and what to include in my report, which covers information that I could not include in a diorama of my size, such as logistics and chain of command. Practical skills such as drilling, sawing and painting were extensively used too."

"I would recommend the EPQ to anyone interested, as it is something valuable to include on your personal statement when you get to it, especially if you don’t have too much interesting to talk about like me. It is also very enjoyable if you do it on a subject you focus on, and is valuable for universities as it has demonstrated independent learning and dedication on that subject."

Oliver Maxwell
Year 13 Student

Independent day and boarding school for boys and girls aged 3 - 18 in Somerset