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DT / Business trip

What a day of contrasts! In the morning we went to the Range Rover factory in Solihull. Students were wowed by the sheer scale of the production lines and the power of the automated machinery. They will not forget the thunderous roar of the pressing machine which stretched the length of five football pitches. The car parts were being pressed out of aluminium sheets and the sheer power of the aftershock meant that they had to construct the site on 14 metres of rubber to ensure no damage to surrounding buildings. An awesome experience through sight and sound!

“The trip helped to build my case study knowledge for Business” Ethan Fletcher

“The Range Rover plant was so much larger than I had imagined. The trip really brought home the cost of setting up this sort of business. Each robot costs £70,000 and they have thousands of robots on site.” Henry Joiner

We then travelled to Malvern to experience the careful craftsmanship of the hand built Morgan cars. Here we were shown around the various workshops and were able to take away souvenirs of pieces of ash that are used in the construction of the Morgan frames. Here we learned that the Morgan logo encompasses the wings from the RAF and we also learned that Henry Morgan, the founder of this family-owned business, was a pacifist.

“ The Morgan factory was a quintessentially English experience” JD Schepers

All in all it was a very successful trip and the students can use their experiences to enhance their textbook knowledge.

Amanda Brown
Head of Business Studies


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