Drama production: Yellow Moon

This week has seen the performances of our PSHE based play Yellow Moon. Written by David Greig, the first part of the play was performed to the whole of Fifth Form last term as part of the Icount work they have been pursuing in Wednesday’s period 6 activity sessions. In particular the play examines the effect of the media and celebrity on the characters’ perceptions of themselves, as well as children who face challenging situations at home and how this can impact on their lives.

This week audiences were invited to see the play in its entirety, as the cast revealed the fates of Leila and Lee, two teenagers on the run after inadvertently committing a murder. Our very talented cast of seven (Harry Gould, Mima Beauchamp, Molly Pittaway, Maddy Lovett, Ed Dolley, Tanya Jackson and Alex Andersson) performed to an extremely high standard, especially since the play (originally written for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival several years ago) deals with some very real and hard-hitting events.  What was evident was the teamwork and comradery that had developed in the cast as well as their inventive and fresh performance style.

We look forward to the next step with this play, which will be the tour to other schools who are going to use the text in a similar way; to develop PSHE work by exploring some of the complex and difficult situations that can face teenagers growing up.

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